Gene Day Award for work produced in 2010

Gene Day

The five finalists for the Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing have been selected and will be announced alongside the rest of the Joe Shuster Award finalists.

This was a very strong year for work produced and I would like to profile some of these creators in the coming months.

In the meantime, the complete list of Gene Day submissions (alphabetically by title):

Battle of Alberta by Jason Ask & Devon Jopling

Black Mass #4 by Patrick Kyle

Bok Choy Bash & The Sashimi Adventures by Dirchansky and Koyar

Bok Choy Bash & The Sashimi Adventures AGAIN by Dirchansky and Koyar

Boredom Pays #2 by Jason Bradshaw

Boris and the Open House by Katharine Miller

Calamity Gin – adventures in misfortune #5 by Bev Calder

Diary Excerpts from the Saddest Man Alive # 1, 2 & 3 by Joren Cull

Don River by Brian Evinou

Dreadful #1 by Mark Slater (with Lance Sawyer)

Exploded View (anthology) by the Cloudscape comics group featuring various stories.

Entropy #5 by Aaron Costain

Expired Seafood (anthology) by various creators of the crew

Feelings by Joren Cull

Freelance Blues #2 & #3 by Ian Daffern & Mike Leong (art by US citizen Vicky Tierney)

Frequently Asked Question about threesome by Hyein Lee

Front Froid #3 (anthology) featuring Alice by Dominique Carrier & Jeik Dion; Collabo by Hicham Absa; Jack Rackham & Katie Cruel by Martin Hebert & Jean-Philippe Marcotte; Joyeux Noel, Salauds! Usurpation by Olivier Carpentier; L’Evasion Narrative by Plivier Jobin & Jeremie Caron-Mackenzie

genevieve vol. 1 by Efehan Elbi

Happenstance (anthology) featuring Pendulum by Tim Carpenter & Dorian Lang; Set To by Coleen MacIsaac & Dorian Lang; Happenstance by Jordyn Bochon & Tim Carpenter

Heaven All Day by John Martz

Hell, Inc. by Jeff Martin

hello orange, hello squirrel by Mary Huang

Histoires d’escaliers / Stairway stories by Danièle Archambault

Horrible Little Boy by Chris Lawson & Marco Brunelleschi

I Hope You Never Disappear by Mike Ellis

ᐱᖃᓗᔭᖅ (Iceberg) by Michel Hellman

Lere in: Shadow of the Batjerk by Jordyn Bochon

Life Is Long by Evan Moore

Look Straight Ahead #1 & #2 by Elaine Will

Lynchpin #1 by William Brian MacLean

Magic Teeth Dailies #33, #35, #37, #38 & #39 by Gareth Gaudin

Manifest Destiny by Craig Ferguson

Maxim’s Hot 100 by Michael DeForge

Medicine #3 by Brian Hoang

Not Funny by Joren Cull & Mike Ellis

Paperbag Comics (gag puzzle comics) by Matthew Rooney

Peter’s Muscle by Michael DeForge

Prepared Pianos by Laura Kenins

Pumbum by Laurel Kamps

Saints and Warriors by Mark Slater (with Stephen Lindsay)

SM by Michael DeForge

Snow #3 by Benjamin Rivers

Streakers by Nick Maandag

Too Many Monsters (Team Society League #1) by Team Society (made up of Aaron Costain, John Martz & Zach Worton)

Free Puppies!!! (Team Society League #2) by Team Society (made up of Aaron Costain, John Martz & Zach Worton)

Teuton #1 by Fred Kennedy & Adam Gorham

The Book Of Irrational Fears by Juhyun Daniel Lee

The Gentlemen by Kristi McConnel & S.J. Romm

This Tactile Earth by Patrick Kyle

Three Girls by Hyeine Lee

Trigger Happy #1 by Frances Lee

The Worst In Everything by Jason Bradshaw

True Vibes #1 by CK Leach & David Edwards

Yes, Yes … No – the story of one of many virgins by Sophie Laplante


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  1. There were a lot of great comics submitted. Narrowing it down to just five was extremely difficult. Kudos to everyone that sent in an entry for consideration. Keep up the good work!

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