At DC, The Flash speeds forward to big event

The Flash: The Dastardly Death of the Rogues HC cover by Francis Manapul

Matt Moore, of the Associated Press has an article that’s being spread far and wide today (for example, it appears in the METRO news today) in which he gives readers a heads up that some exciting things are happening these days with the DC Comics character The Flash under the creative wings of Geoff Johns and Canadian artist Francis Manapul.

It’s a well-timed article — the first hardcover collection was released last week to the direct market and DC is beginning to unveil their plans for the Flashpoint crossover that starts this spring.

How it plays into “Flashpoint” is a secret DC will not reveal, but Manapul has breathed new life into the Scarlet Speedster, with art that is both vibrant and evocative of the velocity that has always surrounded The Flash.

The 31-year-old Toronto resident said it’s been more than a joyride illustrating the ongoing series.

“I’ve actually been a longtime Flash fan since high school and the very first time I talked to (DC co-publisher Dan DiDio) about working with DC, one of the very first projects that I asked for was The Flash,” said Manapul, who got to draw the character when Johns brought Flash back last year and the new series started.

The partnership has blossomed.

“It’s better to work with writers that you admire and that you mesh with. The story is ultimately what is important,” Manupal said. “Through our experience working on ‘Adventure Comics,’ the collaboration worked out really well. And when Geoff came back to The Flash, he brought me along with him.”

Manapul’s goal has been to incorporate everything fast about The Flash and the series.

“Just that one word. We wanted to make it fast again,” he said.