TVO opens the archives: Prisoners of Gravity series available online

Update: November 6, 2018. Eagle-eyed Martin Boruta has contacted me to let me know that TVO no longer has the episodes online so the link in the article won’t work, but at this time Youtube user Teddog3000 has kindly made a number of episodes available on his youtube channel.

Prisoners of Gravity, the acclaimed comic book and science fiction news magazine series, is not television. It’s the world’s orbital oracle. It’s the future now. Trapped in geosynchronous orbit, unable to escape the planet he’s convinced is hurtling toward self-destuction, Commander Rick (Rick Green) commandeers the airwaves to transmit his weekly pirate broadcasts. Assisted by his on-board computer assistant Nan-Cy (his trusty NANo-CYbernetic 3000 computer) aboard the Reality-1 Communications Satellite, Commander Rick explores crucial issues of the late twentieth century in the language of the faithful: science fiction, comics, computers, fantasy, and horror, all respectfully recognized in the series as adult art forms. He interviews these genres’ writers, artists, and filmmakers, focusing on a different theme in each program: politics, war, fears, dreams, addictions, children, new worlds, and even the current popularity of dinosaurs.

Aside from host Rick Green, this great show features the work of writer/producer Mark Askwith and features opening credits with artwork by Ty Templeton. It ran on TVO between 1989 and 1994.

The episodes are available to watch online (for free!) at TVO’s Public Archive.


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