Expozine Alternative Press Award Winners Announced

The 2010 Expozine Alternative Press Awards Gala was held on Sunday April 3, 2011, at Divan Orange in Montreal.


English Zine:

Nailbiter 2: An Anxiety Zine, edited by Chelle, Kerri, Kinneret, and Kibbs

« This zine sheds light on an important subject that is underrepresented by traditional media, the experiences of those living with anxiety. It is also beautifully designed and carefully crafted, to produce a document that is as innovative in presentation as it is in content. »

English Book:

Ghost Pine: All Stories True, by Jeff Miller

“The life and times of a young–and, by the end, not so young–politically engaged turn-of-the-millennium Canadian is captured in a collection that works equally well as stand-alone vignettes and as de facto autobiography.”

English Comic:

Streakers, by Nick Mandaag

“Deceptive simplicity of the stark artwork perfectly compliments the deadpan tone running throughout this story of a band of outmoded militant streakers. Themes of exhibitionism & diehard activism are gently & wryly poked fun at, without ever too gratuitously veering into any vulgarities the kind of which often plagues the unchecked nature of zine culture.”

French Zine

Les 48 heures de la bande dessinée de Montréal, 48hbdmontreal.com

« Le concept des 48 heures de la bande dessinée de Montréal est invitant et son résultat, le journal 48, est impressionnant. Les bandes dessinées sont abondantes, drôles et variées. J’ai fait plein de bonnes découvertes! »

French Book

Qui Vive no. 1, www.revuequivive.net

« Paroles critiques, justes, savoureuses! Inspiration et espoir pour le Québec! »

Bande Dessinée Francophone

Yves le Roi de la Cruise, Luc Bossé et Alexandre Simard


Belooga Joe, Comment Faire L’amour Avec un Maigre Sans se Fatiguer, par Carl Vézina

«Je n’ai pas pu m’empêcher de rire comme une baleine tout du long. Il paye pas de mire, mais y met sa claque! »

Pascal-Angelo Fioramore was the MC for the evening, which featured readings from Jeff Miller and Sebastien Cloutier and a performance by eclectic musical duo Otarie!

What are the Expozine Awards?

At the 2010 edition of the Expozine small press fair, the organizing team asked each of the more than 270 exhibitors to submit a copy of their best new publication for consideration for the Expozine Alternative Press Awards. A panel of six judges from the Montreal small press milieu selected six finalists and one winner in each of three categories: best book, best zine and best comic, in English and French.

The 2010 Expozine Alternative Press Awards are sponsored by the Conseil des Arts de Montréal, the Drawn and Quarterly bookstore (211 Bernard W. ) and Libraire Le Port de Tête, 262 Mont-Royal E.

What is Expozine?

This incredible event brings together over 270 creators of all kinds of publications– from books to zines to graphic novels – in both English and French. In the past ten years, Expozine has become one of North America’s largest small press fairs, attracting thousands of visitors as well as exhibitors from across Canada, the United States and even Europe!

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Expozine is made possible through the support of the Canada Council for the Arts and the Conseil des Arts de Montréal.