Stan Lee Award winners announced

Filling the void left by the absence of Wizard’s Fan Awards, the “Stan Lee Award” winners were announced last weekend in London, England at the Kapow! Comic Con. There was not a single Canadian in the winning circle, here’s the press release:

Official Press Release

KAPOW!, which was took place this weekend and was a phenomenal success, hosted the first annual Stan Lee Awards and the list of winners is now in! These international annual awards were nominated by a variety of expert judges from the world of comics, movies, TV, gaming, publishing and entertainment and voted for by the public.

Stan Lee is honoured to have these awards in his name explaining “this is a fantastic platform to reward the cream of comic book talent for all their creativity and imagination throughout 2010, which has brought us so much entertainment and inspiration” and explains that having an awards show in his honour has made him feel like “a living Oscar”.

Best Writer
Grant Morrison

Best Artist
John Romita Jr.

Best Series
The Walking Dead

Best Superhero or SciFi Movie

Best Trade
Blackest Night

Best Limited Series or Story Arc
“Batman and Robin Must Die” from Batman and Robin

Best Comic Hero

Best Newcomer
Jonathan Ross

Best Publisher

Best TV Show
The Walking Dead

Best Game or Toy
Red Dead Redemption

Man or Woman of the Year
Stan Lee


3 thoughts on “Stan Lee Award winners announced

  1. Now I love Stan, and Stan knows I love Stan, but if the intent of the organizers was to create a shallow, non-critical, industry back-patting award, then I think the organizers definitely succeeded and should be congratulated. Otherwise these results are really kind of meaningless.

  2. Hey, I’m just impressed that Morrison won at a Millar event!

    But.. let’s be honest here. Most awards have to start somewhere…

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