Aurora Borealice by Joan Steacy

Joan Thornborrow Steacy will debut her autobio-graphic novel Aurora Borealice at the Toronto Comic Arts Festival, May 7-8 2011!

AURORA BOREALICE by Joan Thornborrow Steacy

“Aurora Borealice is the first of four graphic novels that chronicle my quest to find a voice in a rapidly changing technological world. It begins in the early 70’s, when I met a number of people who dramatically shaped my life: Ken Steacy, a crazy comic book artist, Eric McLuhan, an inspiring professor at art college, and media guru Marshall McLuhan…”


Written and Illustrated by Joan Thornborrow Steacy

96 pages, B&W with duotoned soft cover 6.5”x9.5”  $15

Special TCAF debut edition of 50 signed and numbered copies

“The Alice of Aurora Borealice is brilliant, talented, and a functional illiterate who believes what she’s been told all her life, until with the aid of a supportive boyfriend and a healthy dose of Marshall McLuhan, she breaks free of her labels. Aurora Borealice is wittily written and charmingly drawn – roar, Alice!”

Trina Robbins – Writer and Herstorian, excerpt from the introduction

“Joan Steacy offers an interesting new door into a moment in cultural history now up for reevaluation. A gentle and thoughtful look at the recent past that feels far away at the same time.”

Douglas Coupland – Generation A, Player One, Marshall McLuhan: You Know Nothing of My Work!

“Joan Steacy’s Aurora Borealice is a whimsical, heartfelt and insightful look at the burgeoning Toronto art scene of the 1970’s. A natural storyteller, her vivid characters come to life with her beautiful cartooning.”

Jeff Lemire – Essex County, Sweet Tooth

Aurora Borealice is delicate, tough, and direct. It’s about the box school systems try to force you in, and how destructive it is. But Joan Steacy decided who she was going to be. This is that story.”

Paul Chadwick – Concrete 

“The Imagery of a half-built CN Tower loomed over this book well after I’d finished reading it. Joan has managed to structure a graphic novel around a time and place that I never experienced but am now nostalgic for nonetheless. Like the unfinished architecture inside, Joan is attaining majestic artistic heights here while circumcising the medium and leaving us with Canada’s latest freestanding masterpiece. A beautiful, heartfelt triumph”.

Gareth Gaudin – Magic Teeth, Legends Comics and Books

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