Conundrum to Publish Rabagliati

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Conundrum Press to publish Michel Rabagliati’s Paul à Québec in English!

Conundrum Press is delighted to announce that they have acquired the English rights to the latest book by Montrealer Michel Rabagliati. The book will be titled The Song of Roland and will focus on the life and death of the father-in-law of Rabagliati’s famous Paul character, who has been called “The Tintin of Quebec.” The French edition, published by La Pasteque in 2009, was critically hailed, winning the FNAC Prix du Public at France’s Angouleme festival as well as a Joe Shuster Award (Outstanding Cartoonist). It is currently in production by Caramel Films, director and co-writer François Bouvier. The book is a mid-career masterpiece from one of Quebec’s finest draftsmen. Translation will be by Helge Dascher. Rights negotiated between publisher Andy Brown and Michel Rabagliati. Look for a Spring 2012 release.


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  1. […] Item! Conundrum Press announced yesterday that they will publish the English translation of the next volume in Michel Rabagliati’s Paul series of graphic novels. Originally published in French by La Pastèque in 2009 as Paul à Québec, the book will be titled The Song of Roland and is scheduled for a 2012 release. The title change is presumably to reflect the subject matter (the book focuses on Rabagliati-stand-in Paul’s cancer-stricken father Roland) as much as to differentiate the volume from previous iterations. Montreal publisher Drawn and Quarterly had published four earlier Paul volumes culminating in 2008′s Paul Goes Fishing. Although the C-List had heard rumours about D+Q dropping Rabagliati, this is the first official announcement about the English-language future of the award-winning, bestselling series from any publisher. (via Shuster blog) […]

  2. ……Paul Moves Out..By Michel Rabagliati..Published by 120 pages ..Hardcover….Over the past few years Michel Rabagliati has been..making a name for himself with his thinly velied..autobiographical work starring his alter ego Paul. …Rabagliati transported the..reader back to his days as a camp counsellor a..teenage rite of passage tale full of self-realization..and the beauty of first young love. When a book is able to do that to a reader ..envelop one in its illustrated world and make one..forget that what they have in their hands is a finely..crafted piece of art when it can put one there in the..moment of real life experiences you know youve..experienced something pretty unique…..With Paul Moves Out Rabagliati..does it again with seemingly effortless magic.

  3. I’m extremely happy to learn that Paul à Québec – for which Rabagliati won the 2010 Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Cartoonist, is finally making it’s debut in an English language edition from Conundrum Press in 2012. In the Sequential blog Bryan Munn intimated that D+Q decided to drop Rabagliati from their publishing roster so I’m glad to read that Conundrum has picked up the baton, as Rabagliati is one of Canada’s greatest living cartoonists. Paul 6 aka The Song of Roland is a look at the way cancer affects even the strongest of us and the effect it has on our family and community. It should be on everyone’s must read list when it debuts in 2012.

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