Happy 55th Birthday Dave Sim!

May is quite the month for Canadian cartoonist birthdays!

Dave Sim goes into his 55th year a busy guy with the bi-monthly publications Glamourpuss and Cerebus Archive (only available through Comics Xpress) as well as his weekly Cerebus TV broadcast and the occasional private commission!

Dave completed the first planned 300 issue finite series – Cerebus the Aardvark – in 2003 and he’s since won the JSA Achievement Award (in 2005) been inducted into the JSA Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame (in 2006) and won the Outstanding Cartoonist Award (in 2008 for Glamourpuss and Judenhass). Cerebus has been a best-selling series of graphic novels and in 2010 the second volume, High Society, was translated and distributed to parts of Europe for the first time.

Congratulations Dave and Happy Birthday!

You can give him a birthday gift by signing his petition if you don’t believe that he is a misogynist.