Wizard drops Central Canada Comic Con, attempts are being made to keep it going

According to the Raven Toys and Comics blog, American promoter Wizard has dropped the Winnipeg based Central Canada Comic Con from their schedule. The show, purchased from the original owner last year, was to debut this October 28-30 under the Wizard World banner. Wizard had already announced some guests for the event.

A quick check of the Wizard World website confirms that the C4 event has been dropped from the schedule, along with some other US events that had no 2011/2012 dates. It’s unsure as to whether the other events have been cancelled or just taken off the schedule until such time that they can be properly promoted.

Recent twitters by Wizard staff confirm that the show has been unfortunately been taken off their show tour and that they will be releasing some kind of statement “soon”.

The show facebook group is currently a hot bed of discussion over what to do next and how to keep the show going, a mere four months from it’s planned dates — it now falls back to the former owners (who were to be the local contacts for the Wizard team) to decide what to do next. That owner, Raven Toys & Comics’ Michael Paille, has announced that he will try to keep the show alive by holding various fundraising efforts.

If you are in the Winnipeg area and want to help Michael maintain the C4, he’s looking for donations (cash, airmiles) to cover guests, etc. The hall is still being held for the announced dates, so hopefully he’ll be able to pull it off. Visit the Raven Toys & Comics blog link (in the first paragraph) for more details.

The only remaining Canadian show on the Wizard tour, the Toronto Comic Con is still on the schedule for late March 2012.


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  1. they (the organizers) make a real good attempt at continuing this show, when they refer to potential ticket buyers who ask legitimate questions as douchebags. real classy and still no offical word from wizard as to why they dropped it? and giving money in the form of dontations to an organization that isnt even registered as a non profit but advertise that they are?


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