Last night we had the Toronto wrap party and celebration for the 7th Annual Joe Shuster Awards and I get the impression that it was a great success! The 587 College space was a great venue, very casual and we had a relaxed 20 or so minute ceremony where we were able to honour local winners Francis Manapul, John Martz, Planete BD (not local but drove in for the party!), Anne Koyama, Scott Chantler and Tin Can Forest.

Tyrone is currently traveling, but it was great to see the rest of the group out for the evening – Andrew, Allison, Jenn and Robert, Deb and I were all really happy with how well things worked out. It was also great to see a variety of Toronto’s creators come out to support their friends and associates! It was really a meeting of worlds and styles and from an organizing standpoint it’s always satisfying to see the various communities come together and learn from each other’s adventures in the world of comics. All of the various Mill Street beers that we provided were consumed as well (all gone when we wrapped) — the after party went on to about 11:30.

So thanks again to everyone that came out, congratulations to all of the winners and special thanks to the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop for allowing us to use their great space!

Also – one last note – I’d like to thank to Planete BD for coming to Toronto for this event – we hope you had a great time – and for being our Montreal ambassadors — they will be presenting Emilie Villeneuve and Julie Rocheleau with their awards at their store in the near future for La Fille Invisible.