Vancouver Comic Arts Festival announced (VCAF?) – May 26-27, 2012

The Vancouver Comic Arts Festival is a week-long celebration of comics slated to enjoy its launch in May 2012. This festival of local cartoonists will feature galleries, readings, panels, and workshops before culminating in a two-day convention for cartoonists from across the country and down the coast to connect with their readers and peddle their wares.

The goal of VanCAF is to appeal to everyone, whether they’re already die-hard comics fans or simply experimenting. For this reason, admission to all events will be free, and table costs for exhibitors will be as low as possible. We’re not so much concerned with making a profit as we are transforming Vancouver into a city of story-telling and comics.

Although we take inspiration from other great Canadian shows, such as the Calgary Comic Expo and Toronto Comic Arts Festival, we are not affiliated with either event. Check back soon for updates on events and exhibitors.

Like TCAF, VCAF is curated – some guests have been announced including:

Joey Comeau & Emily Horne
A Softer World

Jeph Jacques
Questionable Content, Indie Tits

Ryan North
Dinosaur Comics, Machine of Death

Exploded View, Funday Sunnies, Historyonics

Jonathon Dalton
A Mad Tea Party, Lords of Death and Life

Jeff Ellis
Teach English in Japan

Wei Li
Lotus Root Children, Days of Leviathan

Sam Logan
Sam and Fuzzy, Skull Panda

Angela Melick
Wasted Talent

Anise Shaw
Even in Arcadia