Happenings: Fan Expo Canada – updated Artist Alley list with locations

Link to the floorplan and exhibitor locations

ARTIST ALLEY EXHIBITORS (-P = Premium booth/endcap)
1% Talent A205
36K Studios A275
A Cat’s Drawing A172
Adam Temple A159
Alana McCarthy A20-P
amillustration A254
Amya Chronicles A92
Andrea and Drake A75
Andrea Gerstmann A142
Andrew Barr A249
Angels and Fetuses A7
Animish A185
Antimatter A213
Arcnet01 + Becca T-R A223
Art by Karine & Sam A113
ArtbyFrankHong A118-P
Artisans of Evil A210-P
AT Design Inc A62
Attic Raiders A220-P
Aysculpture A252
Babes in Space A229
Bake Sailors A77
Basement Studios A137
Beach Creative Studios A11-P
Beat Black A257
Ben Thomas A155
Big Sexy Comics.com A1-P
Bird Behind the Mask A236
Bizarre Comics Ent. A123
Black Currant A215
Blacklist Studios A239
Bonnie Tang A233
bowmanitis.com A224
Busted illustration A63
C + S Illustration A234
C’s Charms A202
C&C Creations A194
Cadmi A240-P
Chase Artwork A219
Chibi Seimei A180-P
Christina D Art A232
Christopher Uminga A117
Chromachine A227
Claire Beard Art A258
Closet Monsters A264
Comic Sins A146
Comic Store Sitcom A37
Comic-Kaze! Designs A96
Cracked Lens Photos A245
Craig Arndt A14
Crimson Crayon A109
Cryptic Cresent A152
Dances with Ghosts A237
Del From Hell Studio A73
Devil’s Panties A85
Devilish Ink A116
Devon Devereaux A115
Dino Damage A8
DMF Comics A23
Echo Chernik A260-P
Egesta Comics A65
Elandera A174
Erik Irwin A105
Evinou-Faulkner Studio A9
Faebyl Art A217
Fairy Alien Conspiracy A132
Fall on Me/Namesake A106
February Jones A114
Female ofthe Species A212
Fireguy Productions A46
Flatlines – Ultra Men A45
Flying Pegbars A184
Francesco Zito A259
Fransois Chartier A67
Full Circle A134
Gloomies A13
Guerilla Printing A30-P
Gum Gum Pins A154
Guy H.L. A153
Halfglove Hospitals A193
Hand’Solo Records A128-P
Heather Bruton A198-P
Hey Apathy! A90-P
Hyein Lee A98
Illustraytion.com A177
Imaginism Studios A2
Imposterfeit A104
Inky Bits Collective A168-P,
A178-P, A188-P
Jack and Pookie A156
Jacob Johnson A222
Jacques of Trades A53
Jaded Dragon Studios A74
James Davidge A97
Jamie Boylan A238
Jeff Young Sterling A12
jeffdeananthonyadam A66
Jennifer Tisdale A84
Jesse Rayburn A87
John Giang A119
Jonomus A266
Justin B and Angel S A93
Karly & Megan Design A122
Katoo & the Bourgyman A126
Kaze-Hime Co. A175
Keita & Jimmy A143
Ken turner A25
Kiddo-Static A176
Kirby Krackle Music A108
Kruger Art A110-P
Kuma Crafts A192
Lamin Illustration A58-P
Laura Vegy’s Art A56
Laurel Vision A27
Lonehorseman Prod A86
Lubomir Arsov A64
Lucoart A197
Luijan & Raquel Prints A186
Mad Hatter Designs A173
Mandy.J and Susan.D A103
Marc Wolfe A277
Mas Nelsonisms A82
Max the Mutt A88-P
Mika’s Fountain A206
mike Boldt A120-P
Mike Maydak A147
Miranda Viventi A95
Monster Kookies A242
Monster Make A263
MummysLittleMonster A246
My Ghoul Friday A248
Nayuki A163
Neil Chenier A33
Nikufei and KK Cross A148
Nina and Kailey A256
Odd Novelty Prod. A253
Odd Robot A36
Oh Stowm! A133
Omake A247
Paris Alleyne A72
Pedestrian X Art A244
Perishing Twinkie A207
Peter Habjan A89
Pheleon Creations A183
Pieces of Eights A124
Postscript-Celadore A40-P
Powie Studios A44
Qinni & Kehrilyn A80-P
Quacked Plush A165
Qute Wear A160-P
Ramy A250-P
Red Moon A265
Red Moon Creations A167
Richard A Kirk A200-P
Rorschach Press A48-P
S’up Cuz A127
Sabrina Geraats A57
Sakura River A196
Sammay A203
Sara Richard A273
Sarah Hiroko Hibino A162
Scowling Elf A164
Selena and Meaghan A102
Sequential Scribbles A39
Sewing Business A166
Shilin Huang A195
Sikotik Comics A55
Sillwill Studios A135
Sketchkrieg A22
Sla-Yer Comics A125
Space Canuck Comics A136
SparkleGirl A226
Specimen b-28 A54
Spent Pencils A140-P
Sprocket House A262
Staja A112
StarXade Media A150-P
Stranger A94
Strawberry Ink A208
Studio Lounak A138-P
Studio Marimo A268
StudioComix A144
Sunhawk A214
Sweet Geeks A130-P
Sylvia Shi A170-P
Tallgear Industrial A216
Taryn/Jori A29
The Anthology Project A50-P, A52
The Day After A243
The Fedoras A182
Thomas Riley Noveis A218
Tiikay A267
Titan: Graphic Novel A100-P
Tomgeeks A60-P
Tony Perna A32
Tower of Ash Comics A34
Twisted Pentagram A225
Ultraist Studios / PP A35
Uriginals Inc A145
Utama Studios A158-P
Varethane A107
Velharthis Comics A269
Verdigris Grove A204
Vitaly S Alexius A42
Webcomic Alliance A83
Why Not Buttons A235
Wild Things A70-P
Wire to Weave A190-P
Xiao Bai Artwork A157
XTC Creations A187
Yanimator A43
Yuta/Wesley A47
ZombieInfo.com A230-P