In recovery mode post FanExpo

Well, we somehow managed to survive another year of the Comic Book Expo at FanExpo. I’ll be taking some time to process everything that happened over the 4 (LONG) days of the event before making any final decisions and comments about it, but it is nice to know that the majority of reports are positive in tone.

Huge thanks to the two best assistants a guy could ask for: Allison Covey and  Andrew Walsh. Great job!

One thing I don’t need to reflect on is that the Comic Book Expo’s “How To” Workshops rocked! Thanks to the fine folks at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop – particularly the irreplaceable Walter Dickinson. The mods were great: Keiren Smith, Paul Truster, Robert Pincombe, Jason Shayer, Ron Kasman, Brent Chittenden and Kathleen Gallagher. A lot of them were standing room only (especially Anthony Del Col‘s talk on Friday afternoon). Huge thanks to Ty Templeton for doing a new record of 3!

Sketching Duels continued to be a big hit at FanExpo. Thanks to all of the artists who participated and big props to our team of refs: ‘Fearless Fred’ Kennedy, Brian Deemer from Comic Geek Speak, Andrew Walsh and Shelley Smarz! Highest attended: Tony Moore / Bill Sienkiewicz (standing room) and the one that got the best positive feedback was the Women of Comics one with Jill Thompson, Agnes Garbowska (representing Canada), Sara Richard and Katie Cook!

For once I had a little time to walk around and buy a few things. My FanExpo pick-ups include: One Soul by Ray Fawkes, Infinite Kung Fu by Kagan McLeod, Three Thieves Book Two: The Sign of the Black Rock by Scott Chantler, plus sketchbooks and mini-comics by Tony Moore, Nimit Malavia and Mike Del Mundo, prints by J. Bone and Salgood Sam and original art from Steve Mannion, Geof Isherwood, Michael Cho, Ron Salas and Kalman Andrasofszky.


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