Simon Roy and Brandon Graham reimagine Liefeld’s Prophet in 2012

At the New York show last weekend, Image Comics unveiled it’s plans to revive Rob Liefeld’s Extreme Comics line of books – Youngblood, Supreme, Prophet, Glory, et al.

Of interest to us here at the JSA’s is the PROPHET, written by Brandon Graham (formerly of the USA), with art by SIMON ROY and a cover by MARIAN CHURCHLAND.

Rob Liefeld had this to say in his Comic Book Resources interview:

On “Prophet,” you’ve got Brandon Graham writing and Simon Roy on art. What stood out for you in their pitch?

I was a fan of Brandon Graham and his work on “King City,” and his outline for “Prophet” was fantastic. “Prophet” from the outset will appear to be the biggest departure from the original look and feel of the “Prophet” that myself and Stephen Platt made popular, but it’s no less amazing. The storytelling of Graham and Simon Roy is staggering. You can read the book without any word balloons and follow the story effortlessly. The look of the book is reminiscent of Moebius and Geoff Darrow — it’s a gorgeous, European-style graphic novel. Don’t sleep on this book. In the original “Prophet” series, John Prophet was awakened from cryo-sleep in a sarcophagus and had to deal with the reality of a brave new world. This new series finds John Prophet awakened from cryo-sleep in a brave new world where he has to deal with a much harsher reality than anything he faced in the original series. There are some massive spoilers and twists that I can’t reveal, but these guys have attacked this series and it’s easily my favorite of the bunch!