Happenings: Speakeasy Comic Book Show Nov.3 (tonight) in TO

SpeakEasy’s Comic Book Show
Thursday November 3rd, 2011
The Gladstone Hotel, 1214 Queen West
Second Floor Lobby + Studio Rooms

Pay What You Can ($4.00 Donation Suggested)

For more information contact:
David Brown
email: david@blttogo.com telephone: 416.533.1374


1. Dalton Sharp, Grawlix comics anthology
2. Tim Brown, TIC Games
3. Chris Hatzopoulos, The Bear Stories
4. Marvin S. Mariano
5. Shane Heron
6. Daniel Lafrance
7. Rachael Wells
8. Ruth Tait (a.k.a. rutz)
9. Christopher Yao
10. Gavin McCarthy
11. Adam Earle, the Geofriends
12. Dale Camus
13. Keith Grachow, Jnk Imagery
14. Paul Tomas, SISTINA
15. Wm Brian MacLean, RoosterTree
16. Ken Turner
17. Saraƒin, Asylum Squad

I’ve been at this event many times over the years – it’s a fun showcase for creators and their work. The last few years we’ve had a JSA room for exhibiting Original Art, but I decided that this year we’d take a break. Lots of great folks exhibiting this year, so it’s well worth your time.