D+Q’s Spring 2012 Catalogue (updated with Winter 2012 Catalogue link)

Spring 2012 Preview

Artists include:
Guy Delisle, Jerusalem
Shigeru Mizuki, NonNonBa
Yoshihiro Tatsumi, Fallen Words
Chester Brown, Ed the Happy Clown
Brecht Evens, The Making Of
Michael Cho, Back Alleys and Urban Landscapes
Marguerite Abouet and Clement Oubrerie, Aya: Life in Yop CityAnouk
Ricard, Anna & FrogaLars Jansson, Moomin Book 7
Yoshihiro Tatsumi, The Pushman, Abandon the Old in Tokyo and Good-Bye paperbacks,
Guy Delisle Shenzhen paperback

And don’t forget to check out the Winter 2012 Catalogue which includes:

Juhani Tolvanen, Moomin Every Day
Seth, Palookaville 21
Dan Zettwoch, Birdseye Bristoe
Matt Forsythe, Jinchalo
Tom Gauld, Goliath
Kevin Huizenga, Gloriana
Amber Albrecht, Idyll


2 thoughts on “D+Q’s Spring 2012 Catalogue (updated with Winter 2012 Catalogue link)

  1. I’m very excited about Cho’s book as well, and the Guy Delisle book will be on my pull list (maybe he will be at TCAF in 2012?) but I’m definitely curious about the new edition of Ed the Happy Clown!

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