Dave Sim’s Last Girlfriend on the schedule for August 2012

Dave Sim’s Last Girlfriend
by Dave Sim & Susan Alston
Simon & Schuster

Publishing Date:
On or around 7 August 2012

Book Description: No figure in comics has been as polarizing as Dave Sim. His long-running series, Cerebus the Aardvark, is seen as one of the singular accomplishments in the history of the form. He has been a champion of self-publishing and of creator rights. But his unorthodox world views on religion and feminism, oft-espoused within the pages of his comics, are seen as regressive by many and have alienated a large swath of his audience. In these pages, you’ll see direct reproductions of the faxes and letters exchanged between Dave and his last and final girlfriend. From the sweet, tender moments to the painful throes of breaking up, these unfiltered, unedited letters will give you a seat on the roller coaster this couple rode right off the tracks.