Tom Fowler on Hulk: Season One, Ramon Perez on John Carter: The Gods of Mars in 2012

Tom Fowler will be illustrating the Fred Van Lente written Hulk: Season One graphic novel. Comic Book Resources caught up with Fowler and Van Lente for some details.

Tom Fowler: Personally I’m a huge fan of the OGN model. The idea of getting a book and a larger complete story is very, very appealing to me because I’ve done things in the past where I’ve come in in the middle of a story line and I’ve left before it’s over. You never get a real sense of ownership that way. You don’t get a sense of, “This is a thing that I did.” It’s more a, “These are parts of a thing that I did part of.”

Hulk: Season One is expected in stores in September 2012.

Ramon Perez, fresh off the A Tale of Sand graphic novel, will be illustrating the five part mini-series John Carter: The Gods of Mars for Marvel Comics, which is set to debut in March 2012. The mini is written by Sam Humphries (Sacrifice), and is an adaptation of the novel by Edgar Rice Burroughs.