2011 Canadian Comics Wrap Survey: Diana Tamblyn

Tell us about yourself – a brief bio/intro.
My name is Diana Tamblyn, and I’m a full-time web producer who tries to do as much artwork and cartooning as possible in my free time. Also a full-time, life-long lover of comics

What was your involvement in comics in 2011?
2011 was supposed to be my “year off of comic cons” while I focused on my graphic novel. That didn’t work out too well as I did end up doing a Comics Literacy Event in London, Ontario (the first ever and it went over really well), Fan Expo and Word on the Street.

Of all the shows I participate in, Word on the Street is always my best one. It has the biggest, most diverse crowds who are hungry for any type of reading material they can get their hands on – be it zines, literary chapbooks, kids books, fiction, non-fiction and comics! I also do my best sales there.

Also had my biggest gallery art show ever, which was a big success. Now I’m back to work on the graphic novel. I’m planning to have Part 1 of it out next year (2012). I won’t say anything more so I don’t jinx myself.

What was the highlight of the year for you re:
(a) comics publishing in general?
I’m an indie girl at heart so I couldn’t get too worked up about the “New 52” thing. I find with all of these re-boots, if I don’t like them (which is most of the time), I pretending it’s not happening. eg. Amanda Waller, Superman in jeans. I choose to think that these are “alternate universe” versions of the characters I know and love.

I think probably the fact that all the publishing companies are finally really experimenting with digital publishing is the biggest thing. It’s a real step forward that our industry needs. No one has found the magic bullet on this one though like $0.99 iTunes songs. I think it will come though. I know a lot of friends who never really read comics before and are now buying them online to read on their iPads.

(b) comics by Canadian creators?
There are so many success stories here it’s hard to mention them all. To name just a few though I’d say the success of Koyama Press and all the titles they put out this year – Lose, Cat Rackham and Root Rot. There was “Pope Hats” by Ethan Rilly, “Even the Giants” by Jesse Jacobs and of course “Hark a Vagrant” by Kate Beaton. I think Canadians are really putting out some of the best comics around lately.

Was 2011 a good year for you?
It was a really good year for me, personally and professionally.

Was 2011 a good year for comics?
I think it was a good year, and next year looks to be even better. I’m really heartened by the number of new quality publishers out there now, from Koyama Press, to Pop Sandbox, to Secret Acres to the incredible NoBrow Press. Keep an eye out on all of these companies for 2012 – mark my words!


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