Happenings: Kazoo! Zine & Comic Expo April 14, 2012 in Guelph, ON

Poster designed by Camp Pepper.

As part of Kazoo! Fest 2012, the Zine & Comic Expo will be held on Saturday April 14th in Guelph. The website will be updated soon with registration info and more information such as guests attending. In the meantime, if you have any questions about the Zine & Comic Expo please email kazoo.zine (at) gmail.com.

The Kazoo! Zine & Comic Expo is brought to you by our friends at The Dragon in Guelph, sponsors of the Comics for Kids Award and the Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing.


Happy 75th Birthday Prince Valiant!

The 1st strip by Canadian cartoonist and JSA Hall of Fame inductee HAL FOSTER debuted February 13th, 1937.

Excerpt from the Hall of Fame biography of Hal Foster by Phil Latter:

In 1937, Foster went to The United Features Syndicate, with his well-structured Derek, Son of Thane newspaper strip concept, with hundreds of conceptual drawings and notes. The title was later changed to Prince Arn, and then, later, to Prince Valiant. United Features Syndicate, however, turned the feature down! Foster then took it directly to the world-renowned tycoon newspaper magnate William Randolph Hearst. “Prince Valiant in The Days of King Arthur” first saw print on Feb.13, 1937.

JSA Status Update

Things may seem a little quieter than normal here at JSA central, but things are currently quite busy behind the scenes.

1. The nomination process is now underway – thanks to the feedback we received from creators and fans, the nominating committees are now reviewing the published materials from last year and have until the end of March to produce their short lists from which we’ll come to a consensus on who will be nominated this year.

Watch for the announcement of the 2012 nominees sometime in early April 2012. Ceremony is scheduled for September 15, 2012 in Montreal.

2012 Categories:
Outstanding Artist/Artist Team
Outstanding Cartoonist
Outstanding Cover Artist
Outstanding Writer
Outstanding Webcomic Creator/Creative Team
* Comics for Kids Beginner
** Comics for Kids Intermediate
Harry Kremer Retailer
Gene Day Self-Publisher
+ Hall of Fame

*/** To be determined by the nominating committee based on the number of eligible books. If there are enough for two categories, there will be a split between those written for beginning readers, and those written for older children.

2. Convention season is quickly creeping upon us. Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver are all gearing up for some major comics events between March and May. Toronto alone has one per month starting in March — PLUS Free Comic Book Day 2012 (on May 5 EVERYWHERE across Canada and the world).