ComiCon post-mortem

Not much to add other than it was great to see many creators and fans in one space. Attendance was better than anticipated, especially on Saturday.

I think that this was a wise move on the part of the company – instead of having a one day February comic show, a 2-day March anime show and an April 2-day comic show everything was merged into a mini-Fan Expo with added elements such as sci-fi guests, horror guests and gaming tournaments. Clearly, this was well received and while I will miss the comics-only shows this was clearly a better proposition for all involved in that it increased attendance and exposure to comics and our dealers and other exhibitors seemed very pleased with the end result. Chances are pretty good that the formula will be repeated again in 2013.

Only two comic guests cancelled to my knowledge – Attila Adorjany (health reasons) and Ramon Perez (deadlines). Francis Manapul could only attend the show on Saturday. Note: Scott Snyder was announced and subsequently postponed to a future show because of a schedule conflict with his wife’s work.

On a side note, I do find it odd that people think that this was somehow a new name. Toronto ComiCON is a brand name that Hobbystar has been pushing since 2001, generally used for the 3 events held per year – 2 one day dealer-centric comic shows and the one spring 2-day event that most people refer to as “Fan Appreciation”. The old name for those spring events were in fact “Toronto ComiCON” with one or both of the days designated as the “Annual Fan Appreciation Day(s)” or “Event”, and if anyone has access to old flyers and advertising going back to 2001 you would see that it’s the same Toronto ComiCON logo used to advertise this past weekend’s event. They’ve been using that name and logo for far longer than I’ve been in the HSM picture (I came on in 2007).


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  1. I didn’t include Snyder as he had been “postponed” to August a few weeks back.

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