Fan Expo Canada 2012 has come and gone, Joe Shuster Awards update.

Last weekend was Fan Expo Canada weekend here in Toronto, and I think everyone can take a collective sigh and a slump their shoulders a bit now that it’s over. Canada’s largest and most well attended comics event grew again this year, and experienced many of the same problems the show has continued to face over the years in areas such as communication and crowds.

I work for the show as the Canadian comics guest coordinator, and spent most of my time at the event working on problems related to guest passes, the pro guest area, comics programming and so on. I end up just being a floating problem solver, and I was pretty busy doing that… not that I’m complaining, it’s part of what I’m paid to do.

This was also my first Fan Expo since 2002 where I’ve had my own retail setup. In 2001-2 I had a small setup as part of the Paradise Comics area, but this time it was a little different as the Comic Book Lounge had it’s own booth – shared in a cramped area with the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop and Red Herring Burlesque. I’d have to say that I am very happy and pleased with the end results of this venture, and we’ll be back next year, but we won’t be sharing our space as we did this year – we need it! Big thanks to my manager Joe Kilmartin for running that side of the operation.

The Montreal Comic Con (September 14-16) is the next event on our collective radar, and it is coming up fast. It is also the 2012 home of the Joe Shuster Awards and we are busy working with our juries to finalize the categories. I’m hoping that this week we’ll have some news for you on the five retailer award finalists and what the status of the Hall of Fame this year. Gene Day Award and Dragon Award winners have been selected by their respective juries, so we are now waiting to wrap up Cover Artist, Artist, Cartoonist, Webcomics, Writer and the Harry Kremer Award winner.

Over the next week or so we’ll be unveiling our 2012 poster image and will have some more details related to the ceremony.

Stay tuned…