One year in: Gotham Central and the Comic Book Lounge

hbgcCongratulations to Mississauga, ON store owner Carlos Camara on the first anniversary of the opening of his shop GOTHAM CENTRAL. The store celebrated with cake and pastries (above), guests and cosplayers, as well as raffles and other fun activities.

Carlos Camara
Carlos Camara

All of that reminds me that we are quickly approaching the 1st anniversary of the opening of my own Toronto shop, The Comic Book Lounge. In one week from today (on February 8) we will have survived our first 365 days in business (and a few people will be forking over money from lost bets!).

We’re also throwing a party – on Saturday February 9th – with an in-store minicon, an On the Couch with Ty Templeton industry talk followed by an Industry Night party. Hoping by then that our new outdoor sign will up! On Sunday, Feb. 10 we’re hosting a series of drawing demonstrations “Exploring Digital Comics”, sponsored by Sketchbook Pro.