More on Fundraising

So thanks to the few people who donated money to the awards, we appreciate your support and we are always in need of more assistance if you haven’t considered donating already!

We have been meeting and discussing plans going forward, as we do need to raise money in order to put on the 2014 awards, if we cannot raise the small amounts required to put on the awards we will not be able to do them, it’s as simple as that. On top of that, we need funds fairly urgently to reimburse us for the costs of the 2013 awards which we have already paid out of pocket for.

To that end we are exploring crowdfunding options whereby you get a perk for supporting the awards. We have a fair amount of original art and a lot of different prints left over from previous years that we can offer as perks, and many new pieces of original art have been offered to us by different creators, so we will probably expand on that with a wider appeal to the artistic community – so instead of selling pieces on eBay as we have in the past, they will be offered as perks in the crowdfunding campaign. We’re thinking of going with Indiegogo rather than Kickstarter in that Indiegogo allows you to keep whatever funds are raised even if your target is not reached.

One idea that we are exploring is creating sketchbooks of the Superman and Wolverine artwork from the two Visions of an Icon fundraising campaigns to offer as perks for certain donation plateaus. Printing these would be an additional cost we would have to absorb into the cost of the perks.

Our target is going to be two years funding, with anything beyond that allowing us to expand our print and promotional goals to promote nominated and award-winning books.

We are currently examining launch dates and planning the campaign. We’ll provide updates when we have some more concrete plans.