2017 Gene Day Award submissions (for 2016 self-published comics)

Many thanks to everyone that sent in a copy of their books for consideration by the committee for the Gene Day Award, which honours self-published books from the previous calendar year. We received a lot of books and we’ve divided them into 2 sections:

  • those published in 2016 – these will be considered for this year’s Gene Day Award
  • those published in 2017 – these will be held for consideration for 2018

13 entries were eligible for this year:

BADASSICAL #1 by John Fleming, Colette Turner

BONES OF THE COAST by the Cloudscape Comics Collective

THE BOOK by Various, George Todorovski, Rene Vriends, editors

CANOE BOYS by Jamie Michaels, Evan Collis

DRUNK TALES by Jesse Davidge, Andrew Fielden

GLOAMING #2 by Michael McAdam, Kyle Burles


NYOBI #2-3 by Larry Higgins, Steve Beaulieu

PAPER ROCK SCISSORS N’STUFF WARS by Luanga A. Nuwame, George Leon

SALTWATER #1 by Keith Grachow, Mitch Cook

SKY ROVER by Nunumi

SONGS FOR THE DEAD #1 by Michael Christopher Heron, Andrea Fort, Sam Beck and Nick Nobles

SPECTRUM #1 by Michael McAdam, Jeremy Thew

THUNDER #5 by Michael McAdam, Myk Emmshin

TORONTO COMICS VOL. 3 by Various, Steven Andrews, Aaron Feldman and Allison O’Toole, editors

UNA THE BLADE by Steve LeCouilliard and various.

We’ll be narrowing down this list to about a half dozen entries, which will be announced on Monday, July 10, 2017 along with the other nominations for the 2017 Joe Shuster Awards.


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  1. This is fantastic! One edit: It’s not “THE Gloaming,” it’s just GLOAMING. Thanks so much!!

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