Positive Spirit and Determination: Debra Jane Shelly

Debra Jane Shelly (April 23, 1974-January 25, 2014) Everyone involved with The Joe Shuster Awards are in shock and deeply saddened to hear the news that Debra Jane Shelly passed peacefully in her sleep Saturday afternoon from an epileptic seizure. Deb was the light and partner for our co-founder and Associate Director, Kevin Boyd. The… Read More Positive Spirit and Determination: Debra Jane Shelly


Debra Jane Shelly

The Joe Shuster Awards lost a true friend & advocate this week when Debra Jane Shelly passed. Deb was the light & partner of our Co-Founder & Associate Director, Kevin Boyd. We will post more personal reflections on Deb at a later time.  We wanted to post this notice from her family. Everyone involved with… Read More Debra Jane Shelly

Director’s Remarks

The Joe Shuster Awards recognizing Canadian Comic Book Creators is going into its 10th Anniversary. It may well be its last. Year to year the awards struggle to get by. This is generally by relying on the kind donations from creators in the industry. We auction the pieces for key funding. We are quite thankful… Read More Director’s Remarks