Director’s Remarks

tyroneThe Joe Shuster Awards recognizing Canadian Comic Book Creators is going into its 10th Anniversary.

It may well be its last.

Year to year the awards struggle to get by. This is generally by relying on the kind donations from creators in the industry. We auction the pieces for key funding.

We are quite thankful to all the volunteers who contribute to our committees and awards ceremony year after year. Also to sponsors that have stepped up for the cause. Without their involvement there would be no JSA Awards, period.

No one is making money on this folks.

We are a true non-profit organization and have operated as such from its inception.

As Kevin Boyd, our Associate Director, pointed out in the post here, we need funding.

The number one comment I hear from people is that “The JSA’s, don’t you get grants for that?” The answer is that the grants are out there but we need the help of volunteers that can interpret that world and assist us in completing effective proposals to secure them.

Hoping that the word can spread within the community and that any grant writers out there can give us some help.

In the meantime, if you’d like to help us out you can donate any amount via PayPal or Interac.

Much thanks to all.