The 2012 Outstanding Webcomics Creator or Creative Team / Créateur ou Créateurs Exceptionnel de Bandes Dessinées Web 2012

Jayd Ait-Kaci
The Fox Sister
Sfeer Theory

Emily Carroll
Comics 2011 – Anu-Anulan and Yir’s Daughter, Dream Journal Mar 30th, Margot’s Room, The Prince and The Sea

Tony Cliff
Delilah Dirk and the Turkish Lieutenant

Kate Craig
Heart of Ice

Iris and Zviane
L’ostie d’chat – Le blog de Jasmin et Jean-Seb

Drazen Kozjan
The Happy Undertaker

Ty Templeton
Bun Toons


The 2012 Outstanding Artist Nominees / Les Nominés pour Dessinateur Exceptionnel 2012

Chris Bachalo
Age of X: Alpha 1
Avengers 13, 15
Wolverine and the X-Men 1-3
X-Men 7-10
(Marvel Comics)

Marc Delafontaine
Les Nombrils T.5: Un couple d’enfer

Stuart Immonen
Fear Itself 1-7
Queen, King, Off-Suit“/X-Men: To Serve and Protect 4
(Marvel Comics)
Say You’re Dead“/Outlaw Territory Vol.2
(Image Comics)

Fred Jourdain
Le Dragon Bleu / The Blue Dragon
(Éditions Alto/Ex Machina/House of Anansi Press)

Jeff Lemire
Jonah Hex 69
(DC Comics)
A Coffin for Mrs. Bishell”/ Outlaw Territory Vol. 2
(Image Comics)

Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn
Swamp Thing 1-3
Batman Incorporated 3, 5 (with/avec Michel Lacombe)
(DC Comics)

Cameron Stewart
Chapter 1: The School of Night“/Batman Incorporated: Leviathan Strikes! 1
(DC Comics)
Suicide Girls 1-4

2012 Outstanding Comic Book Cover Artist / Dessinateur Couvertures Exceptionnel de Bandes Dessinées 2012

Kalman Andrasofszky
X-23 5-19
X-Men: Earth’s Mutant Heroes 1
(Marvel Comics)
Stan Lee’s Soldier Zero 6-10

Kaare Andrews
Astonishing X-Men: Xenogenesis 5
Ultimate Comics Hawkeye 1-4
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man 156, 1-5
Ultimate Comics X-Men 1-5
Ultimate Comics Ultimates 1-5
(Marvel Comics)

Fred Jourdain
Le Dragon Bleu / The Blue Dragon
(Éditions Alto/Ex Machina/House of Anansi Press)

Francois Lapierre
Chroniques Sauvages
(Glenat Quebec)

Jeff Lemire
Jonah Hex 69
(DC Comics)
Sweet Tooth 18-28
(DC Comics /Vertigo)

Francis Manapul
The Flash Vol.4 9-12
The Flash Vol. 5 1-4
Flashpoint: Grodd of War 1
Flashpoint: Kid Flash Lost 1-3
Green Lantern 4
Green Lantern Corps 62
Superboy 5
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents 5
(DC Comics)
7 Warriors

Yanick Paquette
Batman Incorporated 3-5
Knight and Squire 1-6
Swamp Thing 1-4
(DC Comics)

The 2012 Outstanding Writer Nominees / Les Nominés pour Écrivain Exceptionnel 2012

Anthony Del Col & Connor McCreery
Kill Shakespeare 9-12

Francis Desharnais
Motel Galactic
(Pow Pow)

Maryse Dubuc & Marc Delafontaine
Les Nombrils T.5: Un couple d’enfer

Kathryn Immonen
Avengers: Origins – Thor 1
Captain America and the First Thirteen 1
Wolverine and Jubilee 1-4
Queen, King, Off-Suit“/X-Men: To Serve and Protect 4
(Marvel Comics)
Say You’re Dead“/Outlaw Territory Vol.2
(Image Comics)

Jeff Lemire
Animal Man 1-4
Flashpoint: Frankenstein and the Creatures of the Unknown 1-3
Frankenstein Agent of S.H.A.D.E. 1-4
Giant Size Atom 1
Superboy 3-11
(DC Comics)
Sweet Tooth 26-28
“/Brilliant! Tragic! The Comic Book 1
(Art Brut)

Tristan Roulot
Le Testament de Capitaine Crown T.1: Cinq Enfants du Putain
Goblins T.5: La Fleur au Canon
Psykoparis T.1

Kurtis J. Wiebe
Green Wake 1-8
The Intrepids 1-6
(Image Comics)
Logan’s Lost Lesson“/Marvel Holiday Special 2011
(Marvel Comics)

Jim Zubkavich
Skull Kickers 5, 7-11
(Image Comics)

The 2012 Outstanding Cartoonist Nominees / Les Nominés pour Créateur Exceptionnel 2012

Chester Brown
Paying For It: A Comic Strip Memoir About Being A John

Darwyn Cooke
The Seventh“/Parker: The Martini Edition
Betty Saves the Day“/Rocketeer Adventures 2

Guy Delisle
Chroniques de Jerusalem

Ray Fawkes
One Soul
Possessions Book Two
(Oni Press)

Francois Lapierre
Chroniques Sauvages
(Glenat Quebec)

Jeff Lemire
Sweet Tooth 17-25
(DC Comics/Vertigo)

Ramón K Pérez
Jim Henson’s Tale of Sand
(Archaia Press)

Michel Rabagliati
Paul au Parc
(La Pastèque)

The 2012 Dragon Award Nominees – Comics for Kids / Les Nominés pour le 2012 Prix Dragon – Bandes Dessinées pour Enfants

The Dragon Award for Comics for Kids recognizes the works which capture the attention and fascination of young readers, and help to create a passion for life-long reading. Works considered for this award are comic books and graphic novels by Canadian creators that are targetted at readers 14 and under. Nominees were selected from the eligible creators lists by a team of educators led by Jennifer Stewart, MA, B.Ed., who is also the proprieter of Guelph, Ontario’s The Dragon comic book shop. In turn, this juried award is also be selected by an independent team of educators and librarians from across Canada, after giving thorough consideration to the nominated works.

Le Prix Dragon pour BD pour les enfants reconnaît les œuvres qui captent l’attention et la fascination des jeunes lecteurs, et aider à créer une passion pour la lecture long de la vie. Travaux envisagés pour ce prix sont des bandes dessinées et romans graphiques par des créateurs canadiens qui sont ciblés à des lecteurs 14 ans et moins. Les candidats ont été sélectionnés à partir des listes créateurs admissibles par une équipe d’enseignants, dirigée par Jennifer Stewart, MA, B.Ed., qui est aussi le proprieter de Guelph, Ontario La boutique The Dragon. À son tour, ce prix est également jury seront choisis par une équipe indépendante des éducateurs et des bibliothécaires de partout au Canada, après avoir examiné de manière approfondie les travaux proposés.

The 2012 Nominees are: / Les 2012 candidats sont les suivants:

Ariane et Nicolas Tome 6: Les Toiles Mysterieuses
Paul Roux

(Les 400 Coups)

Big City Otto Vol.1
Bill Slavin

(Kids Can Press)

Hyena in Petticoats: The Story of Suffragette Nellie McClung
Willow Dawson

(Puffin Books)

L’Agent Jean Tome 1: Le Cerveau de l’Apocalypse
Alex A.

(Presses Aventure)

Lone Hawk: The Story of Air Ace Billy Bishop
John Lang

(Puffin Books)

Luz Sees the Light
Claudia Davila

(Kids Can Press)

Silly Kingdom: Alengrimrickshaw’s 211th Birthday
Katie and Steven Shanahan


Three Thieves Book 2: The Sign of the Black Rock
Scott Chantler

(Kids Can Press)

Visit the Dragon in Guelph, ON or online:

In anticipation of the May 9th Nominations announcement: final wrap-up report

In about 2 weeks time we’ll be announcing the final list of nominees for the 2012 awards.

2012 will see the presentation of 5 Joe Shuster Awards (down from 7 in 2011):
– Artist/Artist Team
– Cartoonist
– Cover Artist
– Webcomics Creator/Creative Team
– Writer/Writing Team
and 3 Specialty Awards
– The Dragon Award (Comics for Kids)
– The Gene Day Award (Small Press)
– The Harry Kremer Award (Comic Book Retailer)

Plus at least one Hall of Fame inductee, with a maximum of two inductees in 2012.

For transparency’s sake, here is a final recap of where we stand in the nominating process:

Four categories (artist, writer, cartoonist, cover artist) had two rounds of nominating. In the first, the 13 members presented short lists of creators who had English language comics published in 2011. From the overlapping selections, those who had three or more “votes” advanced to a second round and any creators with more than half of the votes advanced to ballot. In the second round  the members ranked their choices from 1-10, with the top selections filling in the empty slots. A concurrent nomcom of 4 selected the finalists from French language comics published in 2011.

Webcomics was handled by the Executive, following a similar selection process, as each member of the Executive reviewed the entire list of eligible webcomics and submitted short lists of their top five, from which the top seven overlapping selections advanced to the final ballot.

While we can only have 7 or 8 nominees per category, we personally feel that the lists below represent the “best of the best” of the Canadian comics scene from 2011.

7 were selected from the following:
Chris Bachalo (Wolverine and the X-Men)
Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare)
Pierre Bouchard (Motel Galactic)
Patrick Boutin-Gagne (La Bete du Lac: le Guardien)
Marian Churchland (Northlanders)
Marc Delafontaine (Les Nombrils T.5)
Dale Eaglesham (Alpha Flight)
Stuart Immonen (Fear Itself)
Fred Jourdain (Le Dragon Bleu/The Blue Dragon)
Jeff Lemire (Jonah Hex)
Yanick Paquette w/ Nathan Fairbairn (Swamp Thing)
Ramon Perez (Captain America and the First Thirteen)
Stephanie Poulin (Au Pays de la Memoire Blanche)
Cameron Stewart (Batman Incorporated Leviathan Strikes!)
Doug Wheatley (Star Wars Dark Times – Out of the Wilderness)

8 were selected (there was a tie) from the following:
Alex A. (L’Agent Jean T.1)
Claude Auchu (Une Annee en Quarantine)
Jimmy Beaulieu (Comedie Sentimentale Pornagraphique)
Chester Brown (Paying for It)
Darwyn Cooke (“The Seventh” from Parker: The Martini Edition)
Guy Delisle (Chroniques de Jerusalem)
Jean-Paul Eid (Le Fond de Trou)
Ray Fawkes (One Soul)
Jesse Jacobs (Even the Giants)
Francois Lapierre (Chroniques Sauvages)
Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth)
Francis Manapul (The Flash)
Pat McKeown (Hair Shirt)
Kagan McLeod (Infinite Kung Fu)
Joe Ollmann (Mid-Life)
Ramon Perez (Tale of Sand)
Michel Rabagliati (Paul au Parc)
Seth (Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists)

7 were selected from the following:
Kalman Andrasofszky
Kaare Andrews
Darwyn Cooke
Michael Del Mundo
Jean-Paul Eid
David Finch
Fred Jourdain
Francois Lapierre
Jeff Lemire
Francis Manapul
Yanick Paquette
Alexander Perkins
Doug Wheatley
Chrissie Zullo

8 were selected (there was a tie) from the following:
Ian Boothby (Simpsons Comics)
Anthony Del Col/Connor McCreery (Kill Shakespeare)
Francis Desharnais (Motel Galactic)
Maryse Dubuc (Les Nombrils T.5)
Ray Fawkes (Skullkickers)
Kathryn Immonen (Wolverine and Jubilee)
Francois Lapierre (La Bete du Lac: Le Gardien)
Jeff Lemire (Animal Man)
John Rogers (Dungeons and Dragons)
Tristan Roulot (Le Testament de Capitaine Crown T.1)
J. Torres (Archie)
Kurtis Wiebe (Green Wake)
Jim Zubkavich (Skullkickers)

7 were selected from the following:


5 to be selected – winner also receives a $500 bursary

Finalists to be selected from comics submitted for consideration.Short list of considered works not available and the finalists are still undetermined as of today.

8 were selected

This is a curated award, nominees were selected by teachers and librarians. Short list of considered works not available.

10 were selected – to be narrowed down to 5 in July

Retailers selected from lists of retailers available elsewhere on this site. JSA Executive coordinated visits to shops and evaluated them on things such as presentation, customer service, diversity of material.

Committee selection pending – July 2012

Joe Shuster Award Nominations will be announced in early May

Live announcement: Saturday, May 5th* at 10 pm following “On the Couch with Ty Templeton” at the Comic Book Lounge + Gallery, 587A College Street in Toronto, capping off a day of FCBD signings and activities. “On the Couch” is scheduled to begin at 8PM and will be followed by an Industry Night social event.

At the time of writing this, the Webcomics and Gene Day categories are still being discussed. Update: Webcomics has been finalized.

Online announcement: will follow a few days afterwards. We will not** post the nominated list on this site until May 8th or May 9th so as not to compete against the announcement of the Doug Wright Award winners.

UPDATE: * Yes, we are fully aware that the Doug Wright Awards are being announced that evening. The DWAs will be presented between 7 and 9 pm (corrected – thanks Brad!) May 5th at the Art Gallery of Ontario’s Jackman Hall and the ceremony is open to the public. You may even see people associated with these awards there since the AGO is about a 20 minute walk away from the Comic Book Lounge.

We were planning initially to announce the nominees in early April and we decided to hold off a month and (a) use the time to debate/discuss some of the categories and (b) allow the other Canadian awards to wrap up. With the Bedelys, Bedeis Causa, Expozine and now the Wright Awards presented throughout April and into May we can announce the JSA nominees and not have to worry about tripping on other people’s toes, those awards will all have been presented by the time our press release goes out.

However… we did want to do something comics positive on Free Comic Book Day – the industry’s ONE day a year to let comic book shops shine, and we do have an award for Canadian comic book retailers, so we opted to piggy back the announcement at the tail end of a FCBD event in Toronto called “On the Couch with Ty Templeton” whereby the nominees would be announced after “On the Couch” wraps up. There may be a short break between the two.

Note: I’ve decided to hold back the announcement until 10 PM instead of immediately following the wrap up of “On the Couch”.

** The 10 comic book retailers that have been selected for the Harry Kremer Outstanding Canadian Comic Book Retailer Award WILL be posted online here on May 5th. Perhaps your local retailer is one of the finalists! Finalists in the other categories will be announced a few days after that.

Nominating: Round Two begins

Last week I discussed the preparation leading up and into our second round of the nominating process for the 2012 Joe Shuster Awards – looking at four very specific categories of the 10 or so awards we will be presenting in September.

You may recall that we had assembled a list of French and English creators who were at least “seconded” – that is they received 2 or more votes from our two nominating committees – one for French work and the other for English.

We determined that based on the voting that any creators with more than 50% support would make it onto the final ballot and so the French nominating committee were able to finalize their selections without the need for a second round, and the English committee finalized one cartoonist, one cover artist and all of the remaining Writer spots.

Looking over the large number of creators seconded, we moved the cut off point to all creators who were “thirded”, receiving 3 or more votes. This resulted in 10 artists, 10 cartoonists and 10 cover artists going into Round Two.


5 spots open – Top 10 contenders

Chris Bachalo (Wolverine and the X-Men), Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare), Marian Churchland (Northlanders), Dale Eaglesham (Alpha Flight), Stuart Immonen (Fear Itself), Jeff Lemire (Jonah Hex), Yanick Paquette (Swamp Thing), Ramon Perez (Captain America and the First Thirteen), Cameron Stewart (Batman Incorporated Leviathan Strikes!), Doug Wheatley (Star Wars Dark Times – Out of the Wilderness)


4 spots open – Top 10 contenders (incl. 1 creator confirmed)

Chester Brown (Paying for It), Darwyn Cooke (“The Seventh” from Parker: The Martini Edition), Ray Fawkes (One Soul), Jesse Jacobs (Even the Giants), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth), Francis Manapul (The Flash), Pat McKeown (Hair Shirt), Kagan McLeod (Infinite Kung Fu), Joe Ollmann (Mid-Life), Ramon Perez (Tale of Sand), Seth (Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists).


4 spots open – Top 10 contenders (incl. 1 creator confirmed)

Kalman Andrasofszky (Various), Kaare Andrews (Various), Darwyn Cooke (Various), Michael Del Mundo (Various), David Finch (Various), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Jonah Hex), Francis Manapul (Various), Yanick Paquette (Various), Alexander Perkins (Kill Shakespeare 11), Doug Wheatley (Various), Chrissie Zullo (Cinderella: Fables are Forever).

The 13 member nominating committee is then asked to rank their choices by order of preference from 1 to 10. 1 being most preferred (and being counted as 10 points), 10 being least preferred (and counted as 1 point).

They had one week to send in their rankings, and the great thing about this stage of the process is that all 13 members have to take into consideration all of the ten potential nominees. Their cumulative point scores will determine who will advance to the final ballot.

Nominating: Preparing for Round Two and the Final Ballot

So last week I discussed what goes on in the first round of nominating for the Joe Shuster Awards, by examining four specific categories and how the process works. About how we ask our 17 member committee (which is in fact two unique groups – 13 on the English committee, and 4 on the French), to each supply us with a ranked list of their top five choices from the master list of eligible creators that we supplied them (and updated when necessary). They had two and a half months to look over the list and narrow down their choices.

It is very important to us here at the Joe Shuster Awards that there be a sense of transparency about what we do and how we do it. You may not agree completely with our methods, but it is key that we are up front about them. We want the Final Ballot to accurately reflect in the best way that we can the most outstanding work that was done by Canadian creators in the previous year.

Because of the large group nominating we end up with a very wide variety of creators in each of the categories, but what is important to us here at this point in the process as we tabulate the results is where those lists are overlapping — because in order to advance for consideration to Round Two and/or the final ballot, at least one other member of the nominating committee had to select that same creator on their list.

We also have a caveat to that rule — and that is that any creator that is nominated by more than 50% of our nominating committee members automatically bypasses the second round of discussion/voting and goes on the Final Ballot for Jury Consideration.

Now that we have our list of seconded creators, we take a closer look at the number of votes received by each and the rankings given (I won’t be revealing the specific rankings, however in the next post I’ll let you know who advanced to Round Two.

The 4 member French nominating committee was able to finalize their selections in the first round as in all four categories at least 2 nominees in each received over 50% of the vote – 2 Artists, 3 Cartoonists, 3 Writers and 2 Cover Artists advance to the Final Ballot. Generally we look for a 5 English, 2 French split in each category, but if it’s clear that our nomcom feels that there are 3 strong candidates for consideration at the jury level we will increase the number of spots to 8 for a 5/3 split.

The 13 member English nominating committee was a lot more divided. In fact, no Artists, and only 1 Cartoonist and 1 Cover Artist advance to the Final Ballot. However, 5 Writers did receive more than 50% support so all advance and the category is finalized.

(However, I cannot share with you at this time which 8 of the 13 writers will end up on the final ballot at this time. So feel free to make some predictions…!)

In order to finalize the remaining spots we have to advance to second round of voting. Those creators with 3 or more votes but less than 7 votes will go on to ROUND TWO. That worked out perfectly to 10 creators per category.

Please note, for the sake of brevity, I’ve tried listing only one project per creator – as they are nominated for their body of work, some of the listings would be quite lengthy otherwise.

24 Seconded, 12 received 3 or more nominations
2 creators receive over 50% support and advance to the Final Ballot – 5 spots open

Chris Bachalo (Wolverine and the X-Men), Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare), Pierre Bouchard (Motel Galactic), Patrick Boutin-Gagne (La Bete du Lac: le Guardiaen), (Svetlana Chmakova (Witch and Wizard: The Manga), Marian Churchland (Northlanders), Darwyn Cooke (House of Mystery), Marc Delafontaine (Les Nombrils T.5), Dale Eaglesham (Alpha Flight), Tom Grummett (Incredible Hulks), Patrick Henaff (Le Testament du Capitaine Crown T.1), Stuart Immonen (Fear Itself), Fred Jourdain (Le Dragon Bleu/The Blue Dragon), Karl Kerschl (House of Night), Jeff Lemire (Jonah Hex), Steve Molnar (Star Trek Ongoing), Yanick Paquette (Swamp Thing), Stephanie Poulin (Au Pays de la Memoire Blanche), Ramon Perez (Captain America and the First Thirteen), Riley Rossmo (Green Wake), Fiona Staples (Jonah Hex), Cameron Stewart (Batman Incorporated Leviathan Strikes!), Doug Wheatley (Star Wars Dark Times – Out of the Wilderness), Jim Zubkavich (SkullKickers).

20 seconded, 11 received 3 or more nominations
4 creators receive over 50% support and advance to the Final Ballot – 4 spots open

Alex A. (L’Agent Jean T.1), Claude Auchu (Une Annee en Quarantine), Jimmy Beaulieu (Comedie Sentimentale Pornagraphique), Chester Brown (Paying for It), Scott Chantler (Three Thieves Book 2), Darwyn Cooke (“The Seventh” from Parker: The Martini Edition), Guy Delisle (Chroniques de Jerusalem), Jean-Paul Eid (Le Fond de Trou), Ray Fawkes (One Soul), Jesse Jacobs (Even the Giants), Karl Kerschl/Cameron Stewart (count as 1 – Assassin’s Creed: The Fall), Francois Lapierre (Chroniques Sauvages), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth), Francis Manapul (The Flash), Pat McKeown (Hair Shirt), Kagan McLeod (Infinite Kung Fu), Joe Ollmann (Mid-Life), Ramon Perez (Tale of Sand), Michel Rabagliati (Paul au Parc), Seth (Great Northern Brotherhood of Canadian Cartoonists).

21 seconded, 13 received 3 or more nominations
3 creators received over 50% support and advance to the Final Ballot – 4 spots open

Kalman Andrasofszky (Various), Kaare Andrews (Various), Chris Bachalo (Various), Kate Beaton (Hark! A Vagrant), Nick Bradshaw (Various), Travis Charest (Captain America 616, Mighty Thor 1), Darwyn Cooke (Various), Michael Del Mundo (Various), Jean-Paul Eid (Le Fond de Trou), David Finch (Various), W. Scott Forbes (Twenty-Seven, Twenty-Seven Second Set), Fred Jourdain (Le Dragon Bleu/The Blue Dragon), Dale Keown (Various), Francois Lapierre (Chroniques Sauvages), Jeff Lemire (Sweet Tooth, Jonah Hex), Francis Manapul (Various), Yanick Paquette (Various), Alexander Perkins (Kill Shakespeare 11), Fiona Staples (Various), Doug Wheatley (Various), Chrissie Zullo (Cinderella: Fables are Forever).

13 seconded, 8 received 3 or more nominations
8 creators received over 50% support and advance to the Final Ballot – CLOSED

Ian Boothby (Simpsons Comics), Anthony Del Col/Connor McCreery (count as 1 – Kill Shakespeare), Francis Desharnais (Motel Galactic), Maryse Dubuc (Les Nombrils T.5), Ray Fawkes (Skullkickers), Kathryn Immonen (Wolverine and Jubilee), Francois Lapierre (La Bete du Lac: Le Gardiaen), Jeff Lemire (Animal Man), John Rogers (Dungeons and Dragons), Tristan Roulot (Le Testament de Capitaine Crown T.1), J. Torres (Archie), Kurtis Wiebe (Green Wake), Jim Zubkavich (Skullkickers).


Congratulations to all who were seconded!

I’ll get into discussing Round Two in the next update.

A look at the JSAs nominating process – Round One

So our nominating committees have been hard at work determining who will be selected for the 2012 Joe Shuster Awards ballot, so presented here – for transparency’s sake, are a list of creators who were nominated in four specific categories from hundreds of possible works. In order to be nominated, at least one member of the 17 member nominating committee has to select the creator as one of their “final five” ranked selections. Nominees must have created an original printed comic book or graphic album in either English or French that was professionally distributed to specialty shops and/or bookstores between 1/1/2012 and 12/31/2012.

Presented below are those creators that were nominated at least once for the process:

ARTIST (36 nominated)

Chris Bachalo, Andy Belanger, Patrick Boutin-Gagne, Nick Bradshaw, Caro Caron, Bernard Chang, Svetlana Chmakova, Marian Churchland, Darwyn Cooke, Dave Cooper, Wes Craig, Marc Delafontaine, Ghyslaine Duguay, Dale Eaglesham, Tom Fowler, Tom Grummett, Patrick Henaff, Stuart Immonen, Fred Jourdain, Karl Kerschl, Jacques Lamontagne, Jeff Lemire, James Lloyd, Steve Molnar, Yanick Paquette, Stephanie Poulin, Ramon Perez, Riley Rossmo, Claude St. Aubin, Dan Schoenning, Fiona Staples, Jay Stephens, Cameron Stewart, Doug Wheatley, Craig Yeung, Jim Zubkavich.

CARTOONIST (31 nominated)

Alex A., Von Allen, Claude Auchu, Jimmy Beaulieu, Marc Bell, Chester Brown, Scott Chantler, Darwyn Cooke, Willow Dawson, Guy Delisle, Jean-Paul Eid, Ray Fawkes, Pascal Girard, Michel Hellman, Jesse Jacobs, Karl Kerschl & Cameron Stewart (count as 1), Jeff Lemire, Francois Lapierre, Francis Manapul, Pat McKeown, Kagan McLeod, Joe Ollmann, Ramon Perez, Michel Rabagliati, Seth, Dave Sim, Fiona Smyth, Ashley Spires, James Stokoe, Melanie Watt, Zach Worton.

COVER ARTIST (43 nominated)

Kalman Andrasofszky, Kaare Andrews, Chris Bachalo, Jimmy Beaulieu, Kate Beaton, Andy Belanger, Patrick Boutin-Gagne, Nick Bradshaw, Chester Brown, Scott Chantler, Travis Charest, Darwyn Cooke, Willow Dawson, Mike Del Mundo, Marc Delafontaine, Cyril Doisneau, Jean-Paul Eid, David Finch, W. Scott Forbes, Pascal Girard, Michel Hellman, Patrick Henaff, Fred Jourdain, Karl Kerschl, Dale Keown, Scott Kowalchuk, Jacques Lamontagne, John Lang, Francois Lapierre, Jeff Lemire, Francis Manapul, Pat McKeown, Cary Nord, Yanick Paquette, Alexander Perkins, Ethan Rilly, Yves Rodier, Riley Rossmo, Ashley Spires, Fiona Staples, Richard Suicide, Doug Wheatley, Chrissie Zullo.

WRITER (23 nominated)

Frederic Antoine, Ian Boothby, Luc Bosse, Anthony Del Col & Connor McCreery (count as 1), Francis Desharnais, Maryse Dubuc, Ray Fawkes, David Finch, Kathryn Immonen, Lovern Kindzierski, Francois Lapierre, Jeff Lemire, Denis Lord, Todd McFarlane, Marie Michaud and Robert LePage (count as 1), John Rogers, Tristan Roulot, Remy Simard and Sylvie Desrosiers (count as 1), Ty Templeton, J. Torres, Kurtis Wiebe, Howard Wong, Jim Zubkavich.

Going into Round Two – Selecting your 2012 Ballot

With the initial list of creators nominated, the next step is to see how many creators have been SECONDED, that is at least one other person on the 17 member nominating committee also selected that person in their top 5 selections.

Then we do a sort based on (1) number of votes and (2) the rank in the nominator’s top five (which is weighted – first choice = 5 points, last choice = 4 points).

Creators that are not seconded do not proceed to the second round of consideration. 7, or in some cases 8, creators will make the final ballot in these four categories.

I’ll be back in a week or less with an update on who was seconded from the lists above.

It’s crunch time…

Hard to believe that we’re nearing the end of March, and with the end of March comes to finalization of the Joe Shuster Awards ballots. About half of our nominating committees have submitted their selections for 2012, so we can see some trends developing!

Yesterday we finalized the list of 10 retailers that will be vying for the honour of receiving the 2012 Harry Kremer Award for Canadian Comic Book Retailing. The retailer committee will have the spring and early summer to whittle those 10 stores down to the top 5 for the presentation ceremony in Montreal in September.


What happened to February?!?

My apologies for the lack of posts of late, but I just wanted to provide a quick update:

– The nomination process is still underway for the 2012 awards. The nominating committees still have another month or so to deliver their selections for the various categories, and we are still planning to announce them in early April.

– Lots of upcoming events that will no doubt keep many people quite occupied — in March there’s the Toronto ComiCon. In April there’s the FDBDFQ in Quebec City, the Wizard World Toronto Comic Con, the Kazoo! Fest in Guelph, Fan Expo Vancouver, and the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. May sees Free Comic Book Day, TCAF, the new Ottawa Comic Con, and Anime North. Chances are I’ve missed some! The ones in bold are the ones I’m going to try and go to this year, a couple of them I’ll be there for sure, as I’ll be working on them.

– There’s been a lot of talk about what is and isn’t allowed for creators using licensed characters  I’m more inclined to suggest patience and that if you are concerned that perhaps you are violating a publishers copyright and trademarks that you seek some clarifications where possible, and if you don’t get them that you concentrate on using your own creations or use generic subjects and/or public domain characters, or those characters where there are no permission issues. Better to err on the side of caution, even though it may be a non-issue.

– Sequential mentions that a possible library strike has the potential to derail TCAF in May, let’s hope that a solution is found and that this is averted. With all of the planned launches around that event in early May, I sincerely hope that there is a back-up contingency plan in place in case it does happen. Knowing the folks who organize the event, I would surmise that this is under control.

– Don’t forget that this is a leap year — Wednesday, February 29th is also new comics day! Enjoy the special day by going in to support your local retailer.

JSA Status Update

Things may seem a little quieter than normal here at JSA central, but things are currently quite busy behind the scenes.

1. The nomination process is now underway – thanks to the feedback we received from creators and fans, the nominating committees are now reviewing the published materials from last year and have until the end of March to produce their short lists from which we’ll come to a consensus on who will be nominated this year.

Watch for the announcement of the 2012 nominees sometime in early April 2012. Ceremony is scheduled for September 15, 2012 in Montreal.

2012 Categories:
Outstanding Artist/Artist Team
Outstanding Cartoonist
Outstanding Cover Artist
Outstanding Writer
Outstanding Webcomic Creator/Creative Team
* Comics for Kids Beginner
** Comics for Kids Intermediate
Harry Kremer Retailer
Gene Day Self-Publisher
+ Hall of Fame

*/** To be determined by the nominating committee based on the number of eligible books. If there are enough for two categories, there will be a split between those written for beginning readers, and those written for older children.

2. Convention season is quickly creeping upon us. Toronto, Calgary and Vancouver are all gearing up for some major comics events between March and May. Toronto alone has one per month starting in March — PLUS Free Comic Book Day 2012 (on May 5 EVERYWHERE across Canada and the world).

Eligible creators list now available for review / feedback


First run at the list is available for review via the link posted above. UPDATED JAN.24th! For the first time we have grouped all releases together – French and English. Comics for Kids releases are also included (French and English).

Only the categories of Artist (incl. inkers), Cartoonist (writer/artist), Cover Artist and Writer are included. Colourists and editors are not included as there are no awards for those categories in 2012. Also excluded: Pin-ups, Reprints of previously published work or collections of webcomic strips, & translated works if the original language version was from a previous calendar year. Eligible Webcomics and Retailers are listed elsewhere. About us page re: eligibility and other points about the Joe Shuster Awards

If you see anything missing, please email


Friday the 13th Update

Sorry about the lack of updates this week, so much has been going on with… well, everything this week.

Between the announcement of the guest list for the March Toronto ComiCon, plans and coordination for Fan Expo Vancouver in April, the Dragon Lady closing and all of the related press coverage that has been getting, rumours of what is going to happen next with the Silver Snail, coordinating some shipments I have coming in and going out, and so on (not to mention my research work during the day)  I haven’t had time to do much posting. Robert has been working on more regional retailer round-ups.

Next week:

– we’ll be posting the Eligible Creators List for 2011 that we’ll be looking for feedback on. 2012 Nominating committee will be finalized and we can get on with selecting the list for 2012. Andrew completed the updates to the Webcomics list last weekend so if you haven’t had time to check it out, please take a look and discover some great comics.

– on Wednesday night in Toronto it’s the Jim Henson’s A Tale of Sand Industry Night release party at the Toronto Cartoonists Workshop with Ramon Perez. It looks like we have copies of the book available for the event so come on down and check it out of you can.

– Finally, I’ve been working on something top secret that I hope to be able to share the news about with you as early as next Monday.

Reminder: Nomination Process for the Joe Shuster Awards

As we near the end of 2011, I’m starting to get some requests such as “how do I get my book nominated for a Joe Shuster Award?” and “how can I get the Nominating Committee to consider my work?”

Well, this post will hopefully answer all of your questions.


The nominating committee is selected by the Executive Administrative committee and is newly reconstituted for each year of the awards. The nominating committee for the majority of awards consists of a cross-section of comic book journalists and experts from across Canada. Nominating is a three step process.

>>> Note: We’re in the process of putting the 2012 Nominating Committee now so they can begin work on choosing the nominees for 2011 in January through to end of March 2012.

STEP ONE – the Association prepares an eligible publications list with input from creators, publishers, retailers. This list is published on the website to gather feedback and identify missing work.

The list will be of Canadian citizens or permanent residents (3 years minimum current residency) and the books they worked on that were professionally distributed first printing periodicals or books that debuted between January 1, 2011 and December 31, 2011 in one of the following professional roles:

– Artist (illustrating a writer’s script, excluding cartoonists, can include an artist team if both are Canadian),

– Cartoonist (writing and/or adapting a story that they also illustrated),

Cover Artist (primary cover artist, can include an artist team if both are Canadian)

– Writer (producing a script that is given to an artist, excluding cartoonists).

Books containing collections of previously published strips or comics and/or translated works into English from another language published in a previous year are not eligible.Original works in ANY language are accepted, but the primary emphasis of our investigations will be those first run books in either French or English.

Limited release books available at special events and mailed or hand-delivered to a small number of booksellers but not widely distributed to all booksellers during the eligibility time period are not eligible until they are professionally distributed by, say, Diamond Comics Dist.

STEP TWO – using the eligible comics list, the Nominating committee members are asked to submit individual “top five” lists for each category, in order of preference. Each vote is weighted based on order of preference. In other words. a first choice selection is given five points on the overall score and a fifth choice was given one point to be added to the cumulative score.

STEP THREE – the results are then logged. Selection is made initially by Majority Vote – if a creator receives a majority (50% or higher) of individual votes in a specific category they proceeded to the final ballot.

If enough nominees in a specific category have not advanced by majority vote, then we turn to the Cumulative Point Score – based on the rankings provided on each list. In the case of a tie, the number of votes received and their position on the lists submitted is taken into consideration.


Webcomics: please check out our Webcomics list, and your webcomic link along with your name is NOT present then we don’t know about your status. Please email to get added to the list before March 1st, 2012. We visit every website on that list to see the new content added in 2011, so if your entries are not dated with the date first posted, there is a possibility you may be overlooked.

Gene Day Self-Publishing Award: Please send us a copy of your original, first published in 2011 comic to the address below before March 1st, 2012.

The Joe Shuster Awards
PO Box 67031 – 2300 Yonge St.
Toronto, Ontario
M4P 3C8

Harry Kremer Award for Retailers: please send an email to for more information.

Comics for Kids follows a procedure similar to the artistic award categories in that they look over all potential works which could be considered suitable material for younger readers, but you can notify if you want to ensure your work is considered for the award. You will need to notify us before March 1, 2012.

Finally, PUBLISHERS if you want to ensure that the Canadian creators you work with are on the eligible works list for consideration, please send an email with a list of Canadian creators in your employ and a list of their 2011 published and distributed works to before March 1, 2012.

2012 Categories update:

Earlier this month we asked for feedback on our categories as we determine which will make up the list for the 2012 Awards. Based on your feedback and our internal debates this is the list as it stands:

2012 Categories:

* Outstanding Artist/Artist Team (no change)

* Outstanding Cartoonist (no change)

* Outstanding Cover Artist (no change)

* Outstanding Webcomics Creator/Creative Team (no change)

Note: after a lot of discussion and debate, the team has decided that we will leave webcomics as a unique category again. A line of distinction is being drawn between digital comics (online versions of concurrent with print edition comics or online previews of digital comics) which will not be eligible for the category. This remains for comics content created exclusively for the internet (later print editions are irrelevant and are considered reprints in the print categories), and one of the nominating and judging criteria will be usage of the online delivery system itself in the storytelling and presentation of these comics.

* Outstanding Writer (no change)

* Comics for Kids Award – Beginner Reader Level
* Comics for Kids Award – Intermediate Reader Level

Note: if there are enough books of each criteria to justify having two categories, the Comics for Kids Award will be split into two categories — Beginner, for younger readers, and Intermediate, for older children. For example, Binky the Space Cat might be considered a Beginner book, while Three Thieves: Tower of Treasure might be considered an intermediate level entry. The hope is to provide more information and recommendations to parents, teachers, librarians and of, course, young readers!

* Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing (no change)

* Harry Kremer Award for Comic Book Retailing (no change)

* Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame (1-2) (no change)

There is one additional category currently being reviewed by our group and is at the proposal stage.

* TENTATIVE: Outstanding Original Graphic Novel by Canadian Creator / Creative Team

The members feel that it should be specifically for original (i.e. new) graphic novels published in French or English during the previous calendar year. Unfortunately new collections of serialized comics that are later collected that same year are not going to be eligible for this award (if it happens). We are still VERY concerned about this being duplication of efforts as many of these books may be recognized in the Cartoonist, Writer and Artist categories. As it stands, we would like to follow the lead of Comics for Kids and have a similar nomination and judging process for this potential new category.

Unfortunately we’ll be placing two categories “on hiatus” for 2012: Outstanding Publisher and Outstanding Colourist.

2012 Joe Shuster Awards – Saturday, September 15, 2012 in Montreal, QC

I’m happy to report on behalf of the Canadian Comic Book Creator Awards Organization that we have agreed in principle with the organizers of the Montreal Comic Con and will be presenting the 8th Annual Joe Shuster Awards in conjunction with that event on the evening of Saturday, September 15, 2012.

In preparation for the ceremony, the CCBCAA will be working with members of the comics community to provide a fully bilingual awards ceremony, and we are all excited at the possibilities of providing better translation services on this site in order to help spread the word on comics and graphic novels by Canadians in both official languages.

The Montreal Comic Con will be held on the weekend of September 14-16, 2012. Due to unexpected demand, the MCC will be expanding to a full three days in 2012.

The MCC will also be changing facilities in 2012. It will no longer be held at Place Bonaventure but will be moving into the newer, larger and more colourful (!) convention facilities at the Palais des Congrès in Montreal, QC (pictured, right).

This marks the second time that the Joe Shuster Awards will be presented outside of Toronto. Earlier this year we presented the 7th Annual Awards at the Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo. Plans are for the JSAs to be presented in conjunction with a different comic book convention in Canada each year.

Deciding the 2012 Categories

Here at the JSAs we’re fairly open to making changes to the existing award categories if a solid argument can be made for the alteration, or for adding new or retiring old categories. In recent years new awards have included The Comics for Kids Award, The Gene Day Award, as well as the Outstanding Cover Artist and Outstanding Colourist Awards. Retired Awards include Outstanding Achievement, Favourite French and Favourite English creator.

As we are beginning our work in compiling the eligible comics for the 2012 Awards, the discussion has begun on the subject of Award categories. I’ve nothing to announce at present, other than over the next couple of weeks we will be hopefully deciding which of our current categories will continue on into the next Awards season and which ones will be put “On Hiatus”.

2011 Categories included:

Outstanding Artist/Artist Team
Outstanding Cartoonist
Outstanding Colourist
Outstanding Cover Artist
Outstanding Publisher
Outstanding Webcomics Creator/Creative Team
Outstanding Writer
Comics for Kids Award for Material Aimed at Younger Readers
Gene Day Award for Self-Publishing
Harry Kremer Award for Comic Book Retailing
Canadian Comic Book Creator Hall of Fame

The Webcomics Award is something that is being discussed – should webcomics (one of the most popular and well regarded awards) be retired and incorporated into the other categories (which have been exclusively for printed, distributed works)? It’s something we are debating internally so we’d love to read your thoughts on the subject.

Generally we are looking to maintain the same number of awards in 2012 — 12.

If you have any suggestions, thoughts or recommendations, please reply to this post or email me at