Diana Schutz
Diana Schutz

Source: Comic Book Resources

Yesterday CBR reporter Shaun Manning posted the first part of his interview with Dark Horse editor Diana Schutz.

Welcome back to FROM THE EDITOR’S DESK, CBR’s series of in-depth interviews with the Dark Horse editorial team. This week, we chat with Executive Editor Diana Schutz, who has worked for the publisher since 1990. With nearly twenty years at Dark Horse, Schutz has accumulated considerable insight into the comics editing process, and part one of this feature will focus on some of her career highlights, along with a look at Dark Horse’s creator-centered structure and a hint of some new series coming up in 2009.

An avid comics reader since youth, Diana Schutz’s early reading habits included the entire Superman family, including “Superman’s Girlfriend, Lois Lane” “Superman’s Pal, Jimmy Olsen,” and any comic book featuring the various Superpets that populated DC Comics in the 1960s. “And ‘Supergirl,’ of course, was my favorite,” Schutz told CBR.

“I grew up in Montreal and my elementary education was in French, so I also became an avid ‘Tintin’ reader. For a brief period of a few years in high school–when I became more interested in boys and parties–I stopped reading comics, but got back into them in college. I saw a ‘Howard the Duck’ comic in a spin rack–that was like no comic book duck I’d ever seen before!–and that was it. I’ve never looked back.”

Follow the CBR link above to read the rest of the interview. Part Two will be published later today (January 21).