Interviews: Ryan Sohmer

Courtesy of Comic Book Resources:

An interview with Ryan Sohmer, one half of the duo that won the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Webcomics Creative Team in 2008. Ryan and Lar De Souza produce the webcomics “Looking for Group” and “Least I Can Do”, which have also been collected in print. From CBR:

Ryan Sohmer is the writer behind the popular webcomic, “Least I Could Do,” which is now approaching its sixth anniversary. For the past few years he’s been collaborating with artist Lar DeSouza on the strip, with whom he also produces the comic, “Looking for Group.”

“Least I Could Do” follows daily the hilarious (and often very wrong) adventures and entanglements of Rayne Summers, a charming, self-centered character who if he were more restrained, might be described as Sohmer’s id.

Sohmer is also the head of Blind Ferret Entertainment, an animation company developing different projects — including a television version of “Least I Could Do,” which has been greenlit and currently scheduled for release sometime later this year.