Upcoming Conventions in Canada: May 15-June 11, 2009

Vancouver Comicon Heritage Hall, 3102 Main Street, Vancouver, BC May 24, 2009 Special Guests: Douglas Wheatley (Star Wars: Dark Times) Steve Rolston (Emiko Superstar, The Escapists, Degrassi: Extra Credit) Dave McCaig (Star Wars: Dark Times, Ultimate Wolverine vs. Hulk) Joseph Gilland (animator; author of Elemental Magic) Jesse Davidge (Mathemagick and Mystiphysics) Kelly Everaert (Jungle Tales,… Read More Upcoming Conventions in Canada: May 15-June 11, 2009

Just for Fun: New articles at Pop

While not necessarily related directly to Canadian comics, author and blogger Jeffrey Klaehn (Inside the World of Comic Books) has posted a couple of articles that might be of interest: the first is on Star Trek and the second is onthe 25 Greatest Superhero romances.

CBR: X-Position

Comic Book Resources has an interview with Chris Claremont about his new series X-Men Forever with Canadian artist TOM GRUMMETT with questions posed by CBR readers. The article contains a lot of preview art by Grummett – while we’ve got a few small samples below, you should follow the link to see larger versions.