Happenings: Central Canada Comic Con (Winnipeg, MB) – Oct.31-Nov.1

Coming up this weekend is the Central Canada Comic Con formerly known as the Manitoba Comic Con. It takes place at the Winnipeg Convention Centre. The show claims to be Canada’s largest show of it’s type outside of Toronto (and that lumps in a bunch of different events) and says that last year the show had over 16,000 attendees.

Editor’s note: I think this is probably the only time I’ve ever heard Winnipeg referred to as “Central Canada”. Traditionally that term indicates the region consisting of  Ontario and Quebec, although it isn’t a term that is used that often anymore as people tend to just refer to the individual provinces. Maybe the boundary to central has moved west? I guess Winnipeg is close to the middle of the map…

Anyway, the show features American celebrity guests: Adam West, Dirk Benedict, Julie Newmar, Peter Mayhew and some wrestlers along with American comic creators Marv Wolfman, Bob Layton, Gordon Purcell, Howard Chaykin, Tommy Castillo, Marc Wolfe, Joe Rubenstein, Rodney Ramos,.

Canadians featured: Marcus To, Alex Milne, Ken Steacy and the following local creators: Evan Quiring, Ian Sokoliwski, Jamie Isfeld, Ryan Smith, James Daniels, Chris Chuckry, Lovern Kindzierski, Nyco Rudolph, Dan Walechuk, Maureen Babb, Vanessa Fardoe, Laura Duggan, Niel Chenier, Stephen Marcotte, Jennifer Brooks, Stephanie Black, Greg Renton, Nycole DeGroot, Scott Henderson, Robert Pasternak, Autumn, Ronda Pattison, Ken Buchannan, Steve Black, Blake Smith, Sheldon Dawson, Jessica Redekop, Joshua Bird, Tracee Mellon, Neil Stevoyson, Dale Lawrence, Alexis Skye, David Oro, Jerod Roschak, Brian Logan, Amanda Bouchard, Jamie Gillespie, Justin Currie, Jonas Van Niekerk, James Van Niekirk, Adam Foidart, Jan Veldman, William Machon, Erin Leslie, Chris Quilliams, Chris Hlady, Gregory Chomichuk, John Toone, Absurd Machine Films, James Rewucki, Mike Sanders, Alicia Doan, Brielle Beauregard. There’s also a category called “International Artists” but this list has a lot of Canadians from other areas: Scott Redding, Reid Fisher, Kyle Burles, Mike McAdam, Mike Reiger, Mara Jade (Luke Skywalker’s girlfriend?), Kip Oneil, Guy Flaningan, Joe Combs, Janet Heatherington, Ronn Sutton, Aaron Navrady, Colin Lau, Anthony Hary, William Schar, Jesse Haller, Justin Cermak, Tyler Bancroft, Travis Stickland, George Sirbasku, Matt Mohammed, Amul Kumar, David Sanchez, Terry Huddleston, Chad Boudreau, Brenda Weeks, Hugh Rockwood, Lamin Martin, Sonya Ternes, Shawn Richter, Blacksheep Studios.