Happenings: Cloudscape Launches ‘Exploded View’ – March 6, Vancouver

Cloudscape Comics is pleased to announce the launch of their fourth publication, Exploded View, a science fiction anthology featuring twenty-five artists, all current or former residents of Vancouver, which showcases the broad range of talent in the comics artist community.

Cloudscape will be launching their new book at the Ayden Gallery in Tinseltown, Vancouver on March 6th at 7pm. Most of the artists will be in attendance to sign autographs. This will be your first opportunity to purchase this fantastic new book.

Ayden Gallery: 88 West Pender Street (2nd floor) International Village (Tinseltown) Vancouver, BC
Phone: 778-891-431
email: info@aydengallery.com
website: www.aydengallery.com

Notable contributors include:

  • Camilla d’Errico, notable titles such as “Burn”, “Tanpopo”, and “Sky Pirates”
  • children’s book Illustrator Scot Ritchie
  • Angela Melick, creator of Wasted Talent Webcomic
  • John Christmas, the artist on the recently released “Barack the Barbarian”
  • Jonathon Dalton, creator of A Mad Tea-Party
  • Edison Yan, whose work can be seen on “Scribblenauts” on the Nintendo DS
  • Colin Upton, who has been pioneering mini-comics in Vancouver since 1985
  • Local Rocker, actor, and Illustrator Toren Atkinson
  • Jordyn Bochon, a contributor to “You Ain’t No Dancer”

The group includes established artists, underground cartoonists, web comic creators, animators, illustrators, and manga artists all working together. Their focus is on telling meaningful, intelligent stories through the medium of comics.

This book represents the Cloudscape comics collective’s most ambitious project to date, with a huge roster of talented artists and their highest production quality.


The Cloudscape collective submitted Historyonics for the Gene Day Award last year, while a number of their members submitted individual works, including finalist Jordyn Bochon.

I’m looking forward to this new book, a number of very talented creators!