Cerebus TV Season 2 Preview

Cerebus TV Returns TONIGHT (October 15th) with The SEASON TWO PREVIEW

Here is what Dave Sim has to say:-

“SEASON TWO PREVIEW It’s almost time for Season Two of CEREBUS TV with our first anniversary just around the corner.

Tune in Friday the 15th October 10 pm EST / 7pm PDT to get an advance look at just some of the many surprises we have in store for you including a “Cerebus the Pope” auction piece, footage of Dave Sim’s September 24th ” The Last Signing” at Strange Adventures in Halifax, Nova Scotia, “Deep Inside Steve McNiven’s Portfolio” a dialogue between Dave Sim and the superstar artist of CIVIL WAR and NEMESIS, new features like “Quick Cuts”, behind the scenes of the current issue of glamourpuss, Old favourites like the Follicly-Challenged Neil Gaiman of Earth Two and the C-Minus kid, Blair Kitchen’s THE POSSUM, Mrs. Darwyn Cooke, “Head Sketches R Us” returns, Curt Swan SUPERMAN pages, Lady Gaga and Cerebus, an advance look at the SEASON TWO PREMIERE — coming soon! — Dave Sim’s “How I once Almost Worked With the Late, Great Harvey Pekar”. Don’t miss it.


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