Happy Canada Day! Plus… Fan Expo Canada tickets on sale.

No work, no school… backyard barbeques and visits to the cottage… it’s July 1 and it’s time to celebrate being neutral and non-confrontational!

Earlier this morning FAN EXPO CANADA tickets went on sale for the August 25-28 event in Toronto. They were supposed to start selling at 12:01 but technical glitches caused by a sudden influx of people on the site caused the servers to crash for a while, and Rogers Wireless who were also selling tickets also had some initial glitches. By about 12:45 everything was working perfectly and it’s been fine since and the angry, frustrated e-Mob quickly dissipated.

Pictured below: the Amazing Spider-Man 666 Fan Expo Canada variant only available to the 1500 Premium pass holders. Artwork is by US artist and guest Steve Epting.