Mosaik Projekt #3 arrives in stores

Highlights include:

– An interview with Ramon Perez of Butternutsquash fame on making comics (and a living) in Canada

– Mosaik-Project Exclusive publication:  Ron Haywood’s “Geek of the Gods” (OGN)

– An interview with Kevin Boyd, director of the Joe Shuster Awards on Canada’s turbulent history with comics

– An exclusive comic from Alex Novitski

– An interview with Kevin Boyd, director of the Joe Shuster Awards on  Canada’s turbulent history with comics.

Plus webcomics, exclusive comic strips, reader emails and more!

For a participating retailer near you, please check the list on the right sidebar.  If you don’t see your local comic dungeon there, tell them to email us and we’ll send some over!

Now, after the tremendous response that our first podcast with Jim Zubkavich (more than 100 downloads and counting!), I am very excited to announce that our second podcast is now online!  This is our unabridged conversation with Kevin Boyd, the current director and co-founder of the Joe Shuster Canadian Comic Creator Awards.  Now in it’s seventh amazing year, the Awards were held at the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo this past weekend.  I sat down with Kevin to discuss Joe Shuster, Superman, the Awards, the Canadian fans and Canada’s turbulent history with comics.  Oh, and Kevin explains this image…

And finally, the third issue of the Mosaik Project will be available as a high-res free download, right here on MONDAY,  JUNE 27’th
Expect a full issue breakdown on Monday with bios of all the contributing artists, without whom this issue literally would not have been possible.   To everyone who has supported this project from the beginning, you have my thanks and the gratitude of everyone at Ex Machina 7.  We have some very big things planned for this year and it’s 100% because so many people have embraced this project and got involved.

Well the last shipment of the Mosaik Project #3 has been (finally) sent out.  Toronto-area retailers should have received their shipments as early as Friday of last week.  Retailers in London and Hamilton will probably receive their shipments in 1-2 days, now that the Postal strike has been “resolved”.

Ex Machina 7 Productions would like to thank everyone who contributed to this issue:

Adriana Blake
William Brian MacLean
Ramon Perez
Ron Kasman
Alex Novitski
– J.B’s Four panel film review strip.

I really recommend listening to the podcast – it was recorded in a high traffic food court by my office, so apologies for the background noise. But I had a great chat with Carlton that day and a lot of things are discussed, much of which didn’t make it into the print interview.

I met Carlton on Thursday and got a copy of the Retailer Edition, which is very well done. There are a couple of things in the print interview with me that aren’t quite right (I did not found HeroesCon, but rather drew inspiration from it back when I used to do my own cons).