The Curse of Overcrowded Cons in Canada Strikes

Success can be a good thing, too much success can be a nightmare in the convention circuit if the convention cannot handle the demand and the Fire Marshall has to step in and shut the event down. While we are seeing an explosion of interest in comic book conventions here in Canada lately,  that growing interest is leading to some pretty severe growing pains. Pains we’ve seen at events such as Fan Expo Canada, Montreal Comic Con and even at Fan Expo Vancouver a couple of weeks ago.

The latest casualty of too much success is last weekend’s Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo who had an incredible turnout of what is reportedly a crowd of 50,000 people on Saturday alone. With such a powerful line-up of celebrity guests such as the Star Trek: The Next Generation cast reunion, it’s no wonder that they had such a huge draw, but they will have to completely rethink their space and entry procedures for 2013.