Newsarama talks with Todd

Todd McFarlane was recently in New York for the annual Toy Fair event and Newsarama’s Michael Avila had an opportunity to ask him some questions.

He’s also busier on the comic book front than he’s been in years. He continues to ink “Haunt,” the book he co-created with Robert Kirkman, as well as inking “Spawn.” While still too busy to do more than guest-pencil the occasional issue or cover (he’s doing one of the seven covers for Spawn #200, due out February 24), he does admit to missing the monthly grind.

“It has been fun, but the [big difference] is that when I used to do it on a regular basis, that was my only job,” he said, adding that it’s tough to find time for creative work “and run the corporations at the same time. I’ve got three kids now, so I’ve been trying to figure out how to do all that and still spend time with my wife and sleep.”

“I believe that once my 15 minutes of fame goes away and my life winds down,” McFarlane said, “I’ll probably return to comic books. Not because I need to make money, not because I want to be famous… just because I enjoy drawing.”