Killing Shakespeare for Fun & Profit

Kill Shakespeare #2 Retailer Incentive Cover by Andy Belanger

Calvin Reid at Publisher’s Weekly delves into the Kill Shakespeare phenom. Kill Shakespeare is a six issue mini-series by writers Anthony Del Col and Conor McCreery, with art by Andy Belanger. The trade paperback collecting the mini-series is planned for November 2010.

In related news, McCreery and Del Col will be moderating a panel at the upcoming Fan Expo entitled Drawing Ahead: The Future of Comics (Saturday August 28th, 11AM, Room 205B) with panelists Ramón Pérez (Kukuburi, Butternut Squash), Andy Belanger (Kill Shakespeare, Bottle of Awesome), Cameron Stewart (Sin Titulo, Batman and Robin), Scott Chantler (Northwest Passage, Two Generals), Willow Dawson (No Girls Allowed), and Max Douglas aka Salgood Sam (Dream Life, Sequential Spiltink).

Here’s the panel description:

While the art and craft of graphic storytelling remains unchanged, there are a variety of new mediums for creators to use to deliver their visions to the world. With the boom in mobile digital devices, paper and print are no longer the limit, and many artists are finding success creating and distributing their work in digital form. Join a panel of leading comics creators to discuss the evolution of comics distribution, the benefits and drawbacks of working with or independently from a publisher, and their current and future projects. A great forum whether you’re an aspiring creator, an established pro considering your options, or a fan interested in new ways of reading comics.