Comics in Canada’s busiest 5 weeks ever continues this weekend with FCBD and TCAF……

Canadian comics fans have been called to represent!
The call has gone out across Canada!

Three weekends ago it was the FBDFQ (Festival de la bande dessinée francophone de Québec) in Quebec City and the Kazoo Festival in Guelph, then there was the exceeding all expectations inaugural Fan Expo Vancouver two weekends past, and then the record-breaking and locked down Calgary Comic & Entertainment Expo last weekend —– and this weekend it’s Free Comic Book Day at shops all across the country (on Saturday) and Star Wars Day (today, Friday May 4th) and Toronto welcomes the arrival of another TCAF (The Toronto Comic Arts Festival – with events starting tonight but mainly Saturday and Sunday). Next weekend it’s the debut of the Ottawa Comic Con.

This has to be the busiest time comics and comics promotion in Canada has had in, well… ever.

If there’s anything that we can take away from all of this: Canadians love their comics.

And whether you are going to Star Wars Day events, to your local shop for Free Comic Book Day tomorrow, or going to TCAF and related events, this is a great weekend to look around and try something new. Spring is in the air – the sun is shining (hopefully it is where you are too), the flowers are growing, people are restless but happy…. get out and enjoy yourself!

Oh yeah, there’s also that little indie movie that opened today… The Avengers.